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Virtus.pro ditch their Captain TaZ, finally drop their ‘Team Ethic’ - Esportsranks
Virtus.pro ditch their Captain TaZ, finally drop their ‘Team Ethic’

One of the longest-intact CS:GO rosters is dramatically shifting strategy here, dropping their team captain TaZ himself. Virtus.pro, once an extremely dominating team, and one that has seen a string of reversals recently, have finally moved away from their policy of ‘zero roster changes’.

They have dropped WikTor Wojtas, alias TaZ, and are replacing him with Michal Müller, known as MICHU online. This replacement is all the more surprising, as Virtus.pro maintained, all through last year, that roster changes were out of the question, and that the team’s roster would stay together at least to 2020.

MICHU is a good replacement for TaZ, as he has cooperated with Virtus.pro’s team twice in the past, and is perhaps one of the best players Poland has to offer. Rumors have it that Kinguin wanted $300,000 for a buyout on MICHU, but we have no details as to whether this has actually been paid out by Virtus.pro

The team is exceptional for loyalty

This roster has been together since January 2014, which is nothing short of miraculous in the CS:GO universe. Their team spirit can best be illustrated in the words of Pasha, one of the teams long-standing veterans…

“We have been doing the same thing for 10 years, we are a big family.

It is not only about results and money.

life is short, and it is very good to have friends on your team.”

It is actually tragic that a team with such a wonderful ethic and team spirit is being forced to ditch it in favor of practicalities.

Times change, and Virtus.pro must adapt, or be left behind

That’s exactly what Esportsranks said about this team last year. Now, it seems that Virtus.pro have come to that conclusion themselves. It must have been hard to take such a practical course of action, but the reality of their string of defeats at the hands of other teams has intervened. The worst of these were at the ELEAGUE, where Virtus.pro were casually crushed by Cloud9, Fnatic, and even the ‘new team on the block’, Quantum Bellator Fire.

Virtus.pro MICHU

Image Credit: Virtus.pro

Still a hard-hitting team

Nevertheless, their exceptional performance against SK Gaming at EPICENTER last year shows that they are still a hard hitting team.

It must have been increasingly obvious to the individual members of the team that a little tweaking of the roster, such as shunting out a non-performing member, could result with them becoming a hard-hitting team on a regular basis.

Is Pasha next?

Many analysts feel that Pasha is deadweight on Virtus.pro, and deserved to go perhaps even more than TaZ did. However, Pasha has become virtually the ‘face’ of Virtus.pro, almost synonymous with the team itself, and it’s not easy to let him go. However, since Virtus.pro are nerving themselves for some tough decisions, heaving out Pasha could leave an open spot for some new, hard-hitting (read that – young?) gunman on the team, that could massively shift the odds at Major events in the team’s favor.

What will happen to TaZ?

Nothing, really. TaZ is thirty one, and that’s long past the age when most CS:GO veterans retire. Nevertheless, there are struggling teams out there that would snap at the chance of netting even an ex-Virtus.pro player. If you’d like to read the article in which Esportsranks predicted these events, click here.

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