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Shifting Odds in DreamHack Masters Malmö - Esportsranks
Shifting Odds in DreamHack Masters Malmö

We’re seeing a lot of shifting odds in DreamHack Masters Malmö, with Ninjas in Pyjamas showing a surprising amount of fight. It’s obvious this team considers DreamHack Masters Malmö ‘home ground’, and they’re determined to put up a fight for the title.

This means that the next few days are going to be very exciting, with not a few grudge matches.

As for yesterday’s matches, things have gone according to our predictions, which is all to the good.

Here are Yesterday’s Results

In group A

SK defeated B.O.O.T-ds 16-2, while North defeated Cloud9 16-10.

In group B

Natus Vincere won against Virtus.pro 16-4, and Astralis won against Renegades 16-3.

In group C

Faze Clan lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas 8-16, and mousesports lost to Gambit Esports 6-16.

In group D

Fnatic was defeated by Immortals 14-16, and Team EnVyUs was defeated by G2 Esports 13-16.

Fans of defeated teams need not be disheartened. Teams that lost out here will have another chance to win to the Quarter Finals in the Elimination Matches.

Here are the Upcoming Matches for Today

All these matches will be from the best of three (BO3). Timings are CEST.

Group A

SK Gaming vs. North (10:00 – 13:00)

Group B

Astralis vs. Natus Vincere (13:00 – 16:00)

Group C

Gambit vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (16:00 – 19:00)

Group D

Immortals vs. G2 Esports (19:00 – 22:00)

Shifting Odds in DreamHack Masters Malmö…

Match Predictions for Today

SK Gaming vs. North

SK Gaming and North are both very strong teams, but don’t forget that the match format will be BO3. With this format of play, SK Gaming have a much better chance against North. You won’t be wining too much on this match, but, as in the last match, SK Gaming won’t let you down.

Betting on SK Gaming will earn more than it did in the last match, with the odds running at 1.25. Of course betting on North could earn you up to 4 times more, but don’t fall into that trap.

Astralis vs. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere played a very good game in the last matches, and so did Astralis. However, if we look back at NaVi’s performance for this year, we see that they have difficulty winning BO3 matches.

Astralis is showing much better form than NaVi in multiple-match formats.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Gambit

Ninjas in Pyjamas is doing very well in this event. Not only did they win the last round, but they defeated FaZe Clan who was in much better form than they. It seems Ninjas in Pyjamas is taking the DreamHack Masters event very seriously, and will not go down easily. Gambit is going have a tough time facing them down.

This is an equal match. Based on their last performance, Ninjas in Pyjamas have a slight better chance than Gambit.

Immortals vs. G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a very good team, but they still had difficulty facing down Team EnVyUs. Similarly Immortals didn’t win against Fnatic until the very last round, and only won by 1 round.

Immortals have a slightly better chance than G2 to win in BO3 matches.

Match Predictions in Order of ‘Probability to Win’

Betting on SK Gaming is most likely to give you returns on your money. They are your best chance to win returns on your stake in this event and on this day.

Astralis is the second most reliable team after SK, and have defeated NaVi many times before. Betting on Astralis will earn you more than betting on SK, with good chances of a win.

If you are looking for Group C and D matches, we suggest that you leave them alone. There is no need to bet on these matches, and they would risk your stake. If you must bet, we suggest you go with Ninjas in Pyjamas and Immortals, they have a much better chance of winning than their opponents.

Losing teams in these matches will also get a chance in Friday’s Decider Matches. So if you can clearly see your favourite team losing, don’t bet on them.

With the shifting odds in DreamHack Masters Malmö this year, it would be better to chance your bet on the Decider matches, since half of the teams there are not that hard to beat.

Stay tuned for a detailed day-by-day betting analysis for DreamHack Masters Malmö.

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