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Esportsranks Gets a Series of Sure Win Predictions Right - Esportsranks
Esportsranks Gets a Series of Sure Win Predictions Right

Esportsranks has started the new year with a slew of excellent CS:GO match predictions, all of which turned out right. So it was a very good start to the new year for every member of the betting fraternity who was following our predictions, and for all our loyal fans. Those who bet on the teams we recommended have made a rather lucrative start to the new year. Here, in detail, is how everything went right with our predictions.

The Year’s First Sure Win – Chiefs Esports Club Vs Ago Gaming

We predicted a sure win for Ago Gaming against Chiefs. One of our reasons for this was that Chiefs’ present roster had only played against Australian teams, and therefore lacked experience against global rosters. Chiefs also felt that they were forced to ban their best maps, Mirage and Cache, just because they were Ago Gaming’s best maps too.

This, after all the bans, led to them facing Ago Gaming on Train, a map in which Chiefs are abysmal. Instead of which, it would have been far better for Chiefs to risk facing Ago Gaming in Mirage or Cache, in which they at least had a chance of hitting back. Anyway, as we predicted, Ago Gaming won, and Chiefs won… just five rounds. In other words, they lost. Those who bet on our predictions were the ones who really won.

The Second Sure Win – Space Soldiers Vs Rise Nation

Though Space Soldiers won here as we predicted, Rise Nation still used their bans very strategically, maneuvering so that they ended up facing Space Soldiers on a map where both teams are potentially more or less equal. Unfortunately, the skill difference between the two teams was so great that Space Soldiers’ ngiN and XANTARES decimated Rise Nation’s team members with such efficiency that they had no chance at all to hit back. Once again, this was a win for members of the betting fraternity who were following esportsranks predictions. If you’d like to read this prediction article, you can find it here.

Bets for today ESL-Pro-League

Image Credit: ESL

We got this right – SoaR Gaming Vs Ghost Academy

This is another of our predictions that turned out very right. Mind you, we hadn’t suggested that anyone place any major stake on this. However, we did predict that if Ghost Academy got their hands on a map that they were good at, the outcome of the match would then be in doubt. That’s exactly what happened. Ghost Academy, though they lost, did a great job with their bans, and played magnificently.

They took advantage of the fact that SoaR seemed to have underestimated them, and maneuvered the bans so that Mirage was the map played. Mirage is Ghost Academy’s best map, and SoaR were really not thinking when they let Ghost Academy get their hands on that map. What followed was a bitter battle that went into overtime four times. Yes, SoaR won, but as we predicted, the match could have gone either way. Those following our predictions were still advised that SoaR would win, though they were also told that the match was chancy. Once again, our slew of perfect predictions proved correct.

The Third Sure Win – GX Vs eXtatus

This was another sure win, in which those following our predictions had the opportunity to expand their personal betting bank at the beginning of the year. Our analysts told our fans that eXtatus were the strongest team in Group B, and that none of the others had a real chance against them. In the case of GX, we told our followers that eXtatus dominated GX in every map in the CS:GO map pool, and that GX therefore had no chance against them at all, no matter which way the bans went. That’s exactly what happened.

While GX tried to ban eXtatus’ best maps, eXtatus very cunningly banned their own worst maps. This means that with three maps banned on each side, what was ultimately left over was Cache, which is actually one of eXtatus’ best maps, with a seventy five percent win rate. This shows the advantage of a team having a large map pool.

With four top maps, eXtatus, by banning their own worst maps, made it inevitable that one of their best maps would be the one played on, no matter which maps GX banned. This was a level of clear thinking and strategy rarely shown by teams in CS:GO, in which even a pro team will be careless in the picks and bans, and so lose a match or even an event. If eXtatus can back up this level of strategy with pro level play, we look forward to seeing them in premier events in the future. If you’d like to read this prediction article, you can find it here.

Betting Picks for the Esports Championship Series

Image Credit: IEM

Tips on how to best profit from Esportsranks predictions

Never put all the money that you are willing to bet on a single match, even if it’s one of our sure picks. We put up plenty of sure picks at each event, so spread your stake between as many matches as possible. This protects you against any eventuality, prevents any potential losses and maximizes your winnings.

Never get tempted by higher odds

The higher odds are there to tempt foolish bettors into giving their money away. Stick with our predictions, even if we predict a win for the team that has lower odds. Remember that even a win on lower odds will add massively to your bank reserves. Also remember that a loss at higher odds is a loss of your hard earned money – never throw away money from your ‘bank’.

There will be plenty of ‘Sure Wins’

We are going to put up at least four to five sure wins on CS:GO events every week, so pay attention to when we mark a match a ‘sure win’, because that’s a safe match to place a stake on, and on which to maximize your winnings. That’s all it takes. Stay calm and bet wisely, and we’ll help you to multiply your ‘bank’ many times over, week after week.

Stay ‘Ice Cold’

The successful bettor needs to have a very clear mind, and to not get excited by potential large wins, but instead to go straight for the sure win. If you can stay calm and do this, with our help, you’ll win every time. Stay ice cold. That’s all the secret there is to successful, and profitable betting.

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.