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Semi Finals ESG Tour Mykonos – Betting Predictions - Esportsranks
Semi Finals ESG Tour Mykonos – Betting Predictions

With today slated for the Semi Finals ESG Tour Mykonos is winding up to a grand finale. At this point we can look to the future and see who’s likely to win the title – and who’s likely to lose it.

SK Gaming and Virtus.pro are playing exceedingly well. SK Gaming are still smarting from their loss at DreamHack, and have played this event with more than even their wonted ruthlessness in CS:GO arenas. But mousesports are a possible contender for the title, despite losing an initial match, and having to battle their way into the Semi Finals.

Let’s look at the last matches mousesports has fought, to see why they’re a possible contender for the title.

ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 mousesports

Image Credit: HLTV

Mousesports vs Heroic

This was a BO3 match series, fought in Train, Nuke and Inferno. The first match was in Train, where Heroic started as Counter Terrorists in the first half. That first half was completely dominated by mousesports 10-5. Then mousesports won the second half 6-2, for a total winning score of 16-7. Heroic didn’t stand much of a chance in the second match (Nuke) either, with mousesports ‘nuking’ them 16-8.

It seems to us that Heroic is still using old strategies and tricks that are partially negated by the new game patches. They need to work better at adapting to an ever-changing game.

But, for this event, Heroic are in the past.

With Heroic down, mousesports needed another win to see the Semi Finals, and Gambit Esports stood in their way. So they took them out…

Mousesports vs Gambit

Not that taking out Gambit was easy. Gambit are no trifling foe.

The first hard-fought match, Cobblestone, saw mousesports scraping together a victory 16-14. But a slim victory is still a victory.

Gambit came to the second match determined to win. They savaged mousesports in the first half 12-3, so that it looked like mousesports were going to lose the match.

But mousesports savaged them in the second half, crushing them 13-2. That left them the victors, with another slim victory at 16-14.

Why is mousesports a possible contender?

Because their roster change seems to have worked!

When they changed their roster mid-stream, both commentators and fans were a little worried about how that would work out. But it has, and has got the team into the Semi Finals.

But are they good enough now to take on a heavyweight like SK Gaming?

In CS:GO, these things do happen. After all, SK were savaged pretty badly in DreamHack.

Will history repeat itself? Unlikely, with SK Gaming smarting for a win. But only time will tell.

ESG Tour Mykonos - SK Gaming

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Semi Finals ESG Tour Mykonos…

Virtus.pro vs mousesports

Yes, Virtus.pro are going to be facing off against the heretofore indomitable mousesports.

While Virtus.pro entered the Semi Finals with a relatively easy win, mousesports has been battling their way up desperately and with unwonted savagery.

They enter the Semi Finals bloodied but triumphant – but will that attitude and the rush of their recent victories be able to carry them to the very top? It just might. This team is performing at the top of their form. They might win into the Finals.

That leaves SK Gaming

The team that will take on SK Gaming in the Semi Finals hasn’t been decided yet, since BIG and Team Liquid will be clashing for just that honor later today.

These teams are fairly equal in form, so either of them could get to SK Gaming. And it’s highly likely that SK Gaming will crush them.

SK Gaming need a win if they are to keep their prestige. And wins come at the expense of others.

Which teams are likely to reach the Finals?

SK Gaming is the top contender.

Unless they lose inexplicably as they did at DreamHack. Where have the days of reliably-playing teams gone?

But yes, they’re likely to be in the Finals. And could possibly win.

The other contender is possibly mousesports. They’ve fought well, they’re in excellent form, they have a brand new (and effective) roster.

But can they win? If SK Gaming plays at the top of their form, perhaps not.

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

Stay tuned for more match-by-match betting analyses of ESG Tour Mykonos.

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