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Weekly Dota Recap: Seasonal Ranked Update Arrives, Newbee Win Big in Shanghai - Esportsranks
Weekly Dota Recap: Seasonal Ranked Update Arrives, Newbee Win Big in Shanghai

The past week has been full of newsworthy things that happened in Dota 2, from the arrival of the seasonal ranked update, Newbee winning big in Shanghai, and Valve finally taking the proverbial fight to ACE to give EHOME a direct invite to MDL Macau.

Read on more below to find out everything Dota 2 that happened last week.

EHOME, Virtus Pro and LGD Receive Direct Invite to MDL Macau

The new seasonal ranked update was a very big deal. However, it wasn’t the biggest thing that happened to Dota 2 last week. Instead, it was EHOME receiving a surprise direct invite to the MDL Macau Minor due to Valve’s intervention. It’s a very good example that shows that ACE doesn’t always have free reign over the competitive scene in China. Or at least, Valve won’t always let them have their way.

The surprising move came just a few days after MarsMedia invited Virtus Pro and LGD Gaming to round out the tournament’s original eight participating teams. Apparently, Valve did it in response to ACE banning EHOME from the Regional Qualifiers, which was related to the organisation’s “unconfirmed” banning of former Wings Gaming players from participating in any event sanctioned by them.

As a result of EHOME’s invite, MDL Macau will now be a 9 team event. The three direct invites will join the 6 qualifier teams, LFY, TNC Pro Team, VGJ.Storm, Infamous, OGand Natus Vincerein Macau on December 8-10.

Click here for our official coverage.

The Seasonal Ranked Update Is Finally Here

Nearly 4 years since officially introducing “Ranked Matchmaking”, Valve finally released the first ever seasonal ranked update.

The big update came on November 22 where Valve introduced an all-new matchmaking system where every player now has to calibrate every 6 months. Also included in the update are seven new tiers of medals and 5 stars within each tier to track progress. Both party and solo games contribute to the Medal Rank now. At least, until Ancient & Divine where only the solo games count. Finally, regardless of rank, solo games hold a much bigger weight in terms of ranking.

Click here for Valve’s original announcement. 

Newbee Win the Perfect World Masters

Chinese powerhouse, Newbee, just secured their first Pro Circuit LAN title of the season at the Perfect World Masters this past Sunday. The so-called kings of China had a relatively okay performance during the group stages, but looked absolutely dominant once the playoffs started. They started things off with a 2-1 win against LFY and a sound 2-0 beating of Team Kinguin. Newbee then beat ViCi Gaming twice in a row, with their last match at the Grand Finals ending in a 3-0 sweep in Newbee‘s favour, to take home 150 Qualifying Points per player and $150,000 in prize money.

Newbee are now currently in 4th place of this season’s team standings with 1,035 Qualifying Points.

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NaVi Break Records With Adrenaline Cyber League Win

Talk about a good week, Natus Vincere won their first LAN title in over a year at the Adrenaline Cyber League 2017 and did so at the expense of Virtus Pro. Not only that, but their Grand Finals match set the season’s record for the largest number of concurrent viewers this season.

The Russian livestream of the match between Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere was watched by as many as 167,700 concurrent viewers at the same time. That’s more than 20,000 viewers than the Grand Finals matchup between Virtus Pro and Team Secret at the ESL One Hamburg Major.

Recap: Grand Finals


TNC Take Home Honors at the China Top 2017

TNC Pro Team also had a very good week. In addition to qualifying for the MDL Macau Minor, they also won the China Top 2017 LAN, beating VGJ.Thunder 2-1 in The Grand Finals. Although the tournament is not part of the Pro Circuit, the $150,000 prize pool for the 1st place winners make it a noteworthy win.

The China Top 2017 LAN was a double-elimination tournament that featured a 4-team lineup of TNC Pro Team, VGJ.Thunder, Invictus Gaming, and Digital Chaos.

OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid Win Midas Mode

OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid are the Champions of Midas Mode. Each team will donate all $18,000 of their winnings to their chosen charities; the Children’s Medical Center Dallas for OpTic Gaming and the 7357 Children’s Cancer Hospital for Team Liquid. 

Each team’s journey to the title win couldn’t have gone any differently. Where Team Liquid only dropped a single game all throughout the tournament, OpTic Gaming barely won the event with a 3-2 win against VGJ.Storm that saw both teams with little to no Moonbucks left to spend resulting in a series-clinching match that could’ve easily been mistaken for your average pub game.

Evil Geniuses, Immortals, Natus Vincere and OG, as well as the other participating teams, also agreed to give away all of their earnings to their chosen charities.

Mineski Qualify for the Galaxy Battles Major

The Regional Qualifiers for the Galaxy Battles Major are finally underway and Mineski are the first to secure a slot at the Galaxy Battles Major. The PGL Minor champions encountered a bit of a stumble to start the day, losing to GeekFam in their 1st game. However, they recovered to take the series 2-1 and later swept Fnatic so that they can finally appear in a Pro Circuit Major.

The Galaxy Battles Major will be held at the Philippines Arena in Bulacan, Philippines on January 15-21. The event will feature a 2-day Group Stage for seeding purposes and a 3-day playoff. It will be the first Pro Circuit Major to have 16 participating teams. No further details are available as of the moment.

Digital Chaos In Limbo Once Again

Just weeks after announcing their latest lineupDigital Chaos are rumored to be in danger of a disband; Mason ‘mason‘ Venne, Max ‘qojqva‘ Bröcker and Arif ‘MSS‘ Anwar have all reportedly removed DC’s banners from their twitter accounts. Coincidentally, Digital Chaos also recently quit from the Galaxy Battles Major 2018 Major Qualifiers. If this is true, only Jimmy ‘DeMoN‘  Ho and Kanisha ‘BuLba‘ Sosale will remain on the roster.

As per the usual, Digital Chaos have released no statement regarding their Dota 2 team’s most recent issue.

MidorFeed Are No More

After months of trying to qualify for a Pro Circuit LAN and failing, MidorFeed are no more. The team’s captain, Troels ‘syndereN‘ Nielsen recently confirmed this on Twitter.

The team formed in late August, headlined by former Digital Chaos teammates Aliwi ‘w33‘ Omar and Martin ‘Saksa‘ Sazdov. However, Saksa later stepped down from the roster and was later replaced by syndereN. The team’s other former players include Maurice ‘KheZu’ Gutmann, Mihai ‘canceL^^’ Antonio, and Enzo ‘Timado‘ Gianoli.

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