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Season 6 of the ESL Pro League is just around the corner! - Esportsranks
Season 6 of the ESL Pro League is just around the corner!

Contenders and fans are gearing up for the million dollar ESL Pro League, and the opening rounds are just days away.

The ESL Pro League Saga continues…

Come August 22, it’ll be nearly two months of high quality gaming broadcast in HD at sixty fps – all the smooth, ruthless sudden death that is CS:GO

The last season was a bloody and relentless rampage through the streets of CS Dallas. The best CS teams on two continents have been training and shuffling players to gain that ultimate edge over the competition in the new season. There are fourteen teams each from Europe and North America (a grand total of twenty-eight) so there’s going to be plenty of action in the weeks to come.

Over the next weeks, we’ll be bringing you play-by-plays of the action, with analyses of the playing styles of various teams. There will also be hot tips on which team is likely to dominate in each lethal round.

If you’re a contender, you’ll be experiencing that tell-tale itch in your trigger finger right about now. If you’re a fan, you’re probably  high-tailing it to your favorite betting site to cash in on the favorites, or on your favorite dark horse.

Once the Season opens, the teams will have to handle four weeks of three-days-a-week battling. There will be an added three weeks of grueling battles that run on for six days out of seven.

The strong shall prevail. And the weak shall perish.

ESL Pro League Team Rankings

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, SteelSeries

Which are the new teams gearing up to ‘take on the wolves’ in this season?

There are two teams new to the ESL Pro League fresh out of Europe. They did well at Kraków, so they are certainly contenders to watch. The North American continent has spawned three new contending teams as well this season.

Watch out for the new guys, but remember that they’ll be walking into the sights of some of the biggest and most relentless teams two continents have to offer.

Don’t get your hopes up, but don’t discount them either. They’re good, or they wouldn’t be there.

The ESL Pro League is pretty crucial to all the competing teams. Winning it pushes forward their chances of snaring the massive million-dollar prize money of the Intel Grand Slam.

SK Gaming seem determined that nothing will stand in the way of that particular addition to their fortunes. And their recent demolition of all comers at the ESL One in Cologne just underlines the fact that these are the bad boys on the block.

Pro Team Logos

Just so you’ll know what you’re getting into, here are teams you’re going to be seeing in action, ranked by lethal ability and continent.

The European Teams (In order of Ranking)

From Europe, the top team this year is G2 Esports, with Faze Clan, Astralis and Fnatic ranking next.

After that come North, Natus Vincere, and of course mouseports… and the always-interesting Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The other contenders are Team ENVYUS, the Hellraisers, BIG, Heroic, GODSENT, and Team LDLC – all those in rough order of ability. BIG and GODSENT are the new teams on the block.

Yes, those listings are in rough order of ability. Don’t forget, now.

North America Teams (In order of Ranking)

Of the North American Teams, SK Gaming definitely rule, with Cloud9, Immortals, and Team Liquid being the top contenders.

Other contenders in line for the throne are OpTic Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Misfits, NRG Esports, Luminosity Gaming, and Renegades.

comPlexity Gaming comes next, with the underdogs – and the new guys on the block – being SpyIce, Ghost Gaming, and the Enigma6 group.

Those are the American Teams in order of capability and rank.

Global Rankings

These are the best CS:GO teams, by rank. The natural favorites would be SK Gaming, obviously, with G2 running a little behind them, and Faze Clan, Cloud 9, Immortals, Astralis and Fnatic being definite contenders.

The rest of the teams are also ‘out for blood’, obviously, but they need to get to the title by walking right through the crosshairs of the lead teams.

If we detect a dark horse capable of riding that lane, you’ll be the first to know.

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