The Schedule and Format for Ex-Major Galaxy Battles 2 Is Out

The show must go on for Fallout Gaming and the ex-Major Galaxy Battles 2, with the organizers officially releasing the tournament schedule and format for the event earlier today.

A Make or Break Event For Fallout Gaming

Just last week, Valve shocked the entire Dota 2 community when they announced that they were pulling their support from Galaxy Battles 2. This resulted into the Dota 2 tournament’s prize pool going down by as much as $500,000. Perhaps more importantly, however, is that without Valve’s support the tournament would no longer be awarding the Top 4 teams with Pro Circuit points.

Without the draw of getting Qualifying Points for this year’s The International, many teams decided to drop out. Virtus Pro were among the first to announce their decision to step down from the event. Team Secret and Team Liquid soon followed until finally only 7 main event teams remained.

Galaxy Battles 2

Image via Fallout Gaming

Despite this and the resulting backlash from Valve’s controversial decision, Fallout Gaming seems intent in pushing through with the event. In fact, they have even announced the updated format for the event, taking into account the remaining number of teams.

Galaxy Battles 2 will be a make or break event for Fallout Gaming, whose reputation within the Dota 2 community is borderline unsalvageable.

Should the former Dota 2 Major push through without a hitch — with refunds being successfully given out to those — the much-maligned company will have earned themselves a spot in the hearts of the Filipino Dota 2 fans, who are among the most passionate in the world.

Galaxy Battles 2 – Updated Format and Schedule

Instead of a week-long event, the 10 teams who remained (7 main teams + 3 wild cards) will now duke it out in a double-elimination style tournament from January 19 to January 21.

Below is the full schedule for Day 1 of the Galaxy Battles 2 tournament:

Start Time Time Zone Teams
11:00 GMT + 8 TNC Pro Team vs Team Spirit
11:00 GMT + 8 Infamous vs VGJ.Thunder
14:00 GMT + 8 Evil Geniuses vs Wild Card Winner
14:00 GMT + 8 OG vs paiN Gaming
17:30 GMT + 8 Lower Bracket Matchup
17:30 GMT + 8 Lower Bracket Matchup

Click here for more information about the Galaxy Battles 2 schedule

Of course, even with the schedule announced, it’s still not safe to assume that event will go on; Fallout Gaming reportedly have yet to secure a license for the tournament.

Which of the remaining teams do you think will win the Galaxy Battles 2 tournament and take home a huge chunk of the $500,000 prize pool? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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