SA/NA Regional Qualifiers Recap: NP Is Going To Seattle

By finishing first at the NA Regional Qualifiers, NP is now the third team to secure their slot at The International 2017 after TNC Pro Team and Team Secret finished on top of their respective regional qualifiers.

NA Regional Qualifiers Phase 1

To say that the NA Regional Qualifiers has been wildly competitive is only fitting. Not a single team looked poised to run away with the 1st slot throughout the whole event.

Team NP, the eventual winners, may have had the lead since the start, but the other teams all had legitimate shots to take the top spot. Digital Chaos even finished ahead of NP after a strong showing on Day 1Planet Odd and Team Freedom were also both within striking distance as well.

NA Regional Qualifiers

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Unfortunately, Planet Odd would go on to lose both their games against Team Freedom and NP on Day 2. Meanwhile, Digital Chaos failed to maintain their earlier dominance and stumbled their way down the standings.

At the end of the day, it was Team Freedom who had a chance to become the third team to qualify for TI7.

Tie Breakers For Everyone

NA Regional Qualifiers

Aggressive and disciplined, Team NP is looking strong heading into TI7.

In typical NA DOTA fashion, Phase 1 of the NA Regional Qualifiers ended rather unexpectedly. Not only was there a tie-breaker, but there were actually two.

The first featured Team NP and Team Freedom who had to fight it out for the 1st seed. The second involved Complexity Gaming, Wheel Wreck While Whistling, and Digital Chaos, who all finished with similar win-loss records at 5-4.

Team NP, who suffered their only loss of the qualifiers in the hands of Team Freedom, looked to enact their revenge in their rematch.

The game may have lasted for almost an hour, but the outcome was already decided way before then. Team NP just did not let up from the start and never gave their opponents any chance to comeback and win.

Team Freedom definitely deserves some props for not giving up until the very end, however.

Meanwhile, all the three teams vying for the 4th and 5th seeds managed to score a win in the three-way tiebreaker matchup. Because of this, there will be another set of tiebreaker games at 11 am PST. The NA Regional Qualifiers Phase 2 will begin immediately after those games.

It has also been confirmed that the tiebreakers will be time rated this time around. In the case of another 1-1-1 situation, the longest loss minus shortest win will determine who moves on.

SA Regional Qualifiers Phase 1

Contrary to NA, Day 2 of the SA Regional Qualifiers Phase 1 went rather smoothly.

Midas Club Elite finished Phase 1 of the SA Regional Qualifiers as the 1st seed, dropping only one game throughout the tournament. SG e-sports and Infamous would come in 2nd and 3rd with similar 7-2 win-loss records. Finally, Mad Kings, who gave Midas Club Elite their only loss of the qualifiers, came in 4th at 6-3.

The four teams will go on to compete in Phase 2 of the SA Regional Qualifiers for a chance to play in Seattle on August.

TI7 Regional Qualifiers Recap

Day 3 of the TI7 Regional Qualifiers has certainly not disappointed. However, there’s still much more DOTA to be had.

SEA Qualifiers Phase 2 and Day 2 of the Chinese Qualifiers are still ongoing. Meanwhile, Phase 2 of the Europe and CIS qualifiers just started.

Be sure to follow us for more updates on which teams made it out of their respective regional qualifiers and earned a shot at what’s likely going to be the largest prize pool in eSports history.

For live coverage of the matchups in English, be sure to follow Moonduck TV and Beyond The Summit.