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ELEAGUE Teams Crush Each Other To Become Legends - Esportsranks
ELEAGUE Teams Crush Each Other To Become Legends

The third round of the ELEAGUE went very well for those following Esportsranks predictions. G2 Esports and Cloud9 were the first teams to clear the New Challengers Stage, and moved to the New Legends Stage. Two teams are also eliminated from the event, and they are, as we predicted, Flash Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics.

Today is an exciting day, as the remaining New Challengers battle it out to reach the New Legends Stage. All the remaining matches will be completed today. Round 5 will be played three hours after the completion of Round 4. Here, then, are the predictions you’ve been waiting for. We’ll cover those teams that are most likely to qualify for the New Legends Stage and Round 5, as well as those who will be eliminated from the event here.

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

The High Matches – Winners become Legends

Three matches will be played between the six teams here. All the teams participating in the High Matches have won two matches, out of three played so far. The winning teams will directly qualify for the New Legends Stage, while the losing teams will move to Round 5 for another chance at remaining in the event.

Team Liquid Vs Vega Squadron

Team Liquid barely managed to beat Renegades in Round 3 and inched their way into Round 4. They will face Vega Squadron, who not only defeated Renegades in Round 1, but also defeated FaZe Clan in Round 2. They were also fairly equally matched against G2 Esports in Round 3, taking that match into overtime. This match up is bad news for Team Liquid, since they don’t seem to be playing in their usual form. With the odds running at 1.98 on Vega Squadron, a stake on them is certainly worth the relatively low risk, and likely to turn out considerable winnings.

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FaZe Clan Vs Natus Vincere

FaZe Clan finally played reasonably well, and defeated QBF in Mirage – not that we mean to imply that defeating QBF is a major victory. Their next opponent is Natus Vincere, who crushed Sprout effortlessly. This will be Natus Vincere’s third face-off against FaZe Clan after taking on electronic. They’ve done very well in those past encounters, even winning a match in overtime. This means that even a fully equipped FaZe Clan can lose against Natus Vincere. While you focus on the other matches today, it would not at all be out of place to risk a small stake on Natus Vincere here. If you lose, you don’t lose much, but if Natus Vincere comes up trumps, with the odds on them running at 2.97, you could turn a neat profit.

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Space Soldiers Vs mousesports

It seems Space Soldiers are finally getting their act together. They played very well against Misfits and defeated them by three rounds. Mousesports were not very effective in Train against Cloud9, and were only able to score five rounds. It seems Space Soldiers will have a hard time in Round 4, because mousesports are a much stronger team than Misfits, and Space Soldiers do not do very well in bans and picks. Mousesports are the best choice for this match, with the odds on them running at 1.55.

Teams battling each other to reach the Legends Stage

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

The Low Matches

Teams that have only won one out of three matches played will go up against each other here. A defeat here is tantamount to elimination from this event, so these will be desperate battles. However, some of these battles are great ‘sure wins’ for bettors, and are a good way to grow your ‘bank’ in a conservative, but comparatively safe manner.

Misfits Vs AVANGAR

AVANGAR have never quite equaled Misfits in previous matches. While both these teams have ended in the Low Matches, Misfits fought one of the matches they lost till round thirty, while AVANGAR were defeated by the opposition fairly effortlessly in each match that they lost. Coincidentally, the only matches each of these teams won at this event were against FlipSid3 Tactics. However, whereas Misfits defeated them with ease, AVANGAR had to make a fight of it to win their match. Misfits have a much greater chance of a win here, and offer reasonable returns, with the odds on them running at 1.57.

Renegades Vs Sprout

This seems to be the last battle of this event for Sprout, because now they’re going up against Renegades. Renegades may have lost two matches, but they faced Vega Squadron and Team Liquid, and fought to the last round. Remember that they defeated Team EnVyUs in Round 2 by ten rounds. Sprout, on the other hand, have not done so well, and it’s quite clear here that this match is the end of the line for this team. With the odds running at 1.69 on Renegades, this is a chance at reasonable winnings.

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QBF Vs Team EnVyUs

Team EnVyUs finally won a match, but even going up against Flash Gaming, they won by only three rounds. With such dismal scores, Team EnVyUs may soon fall into a lower tier. Winning by such small margin is also not good in the long run in the ELEAGUE, since ELEAGUE’s management uses round difference ratios as tie breakers when necessary. Team EnVyUs have lost twelve rounds more than they have won. Of course QBF are hardly better than Team EnVyUs. EnVyUs are playing so miserably that this match could go either way, so don’t put a stake on either team.

Fun Fact

Out of twenty four matches played to date at this event, twelve were played in Mirage and eight in Cobblestone. Nuke has not been played even once, and has been conspicuously banned in each match. Nuke may be replaced with another map in the near future, perhaps with the much-touted Dust 2, since it is the least played map of 2017 and continues to be the most-banned map in the new year.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.