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ROG DreamLeague Major Finals Day 2 - Odds, Analysis, Picks - Esportsranks
ROG DreamLeague Major Finals Day 2 – Odds, Analysis, Picks

Highlighting tomorrow’s matches in Day 2 ROG DreamLeague Major Finals is Liquid vs Secret. This is the 4th time both teams will meet this season. The last time these two teams met was at this Major’s combined EU/CIS Regional Qualifiers where they literally split their BO2 series 1-1.

Having said that, the goal for the Liquid vs Secret matchup is to look past the winners. Because of how evenly matched both teams are, there’s little to no use trying to predict the outcome. Instead, it’s best to turn your eyes elsewhere: first to 10 kills, total maps, and total time. But, if you must insist, never doubt Team LiquidAlthough Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov and his drafts have been on point so far, they didn’t exactly get matched up with teams they haven’t beaten in the past. Meanwhile, the reigning TI champions just beat arguably their closest contenders in Virtus Pro, the same team who swept Team Secret in the Grand Finals of ESL One Hamburg.

While Dota 2 isn’t as simple as A > B and B > C therefore A > C, that has to account for something. However, as mentioned earlier, the smart money is to focus on other things.  For starters, Team Liquid will, more often than not, get to 10 kills first against every other team, including Team Secret. Also, judging by their recent performance and history, expect total time to go Over 36:00 but it’ll most likely stay under 47.5.


Newbee vs Natus Vincere

Just when you thought Newbee had gotten over their relatively conservative style, they end up losing to Team Secret 2-0 because they played too passively. That’s just not going to cut it against Natus Vincerewho, like Virtus Pro, will run at their opponents every chance they can get. However, Danil ‘Dendi‘ Ishutin and his squad aren’t exactly the most consistent team, which is exactly why Newbee will take the win here.

Will it come via sweep? Highly unlikely. Your best chance to make bank here is go for total maps to go over 2.5 and for both teams to take their sweet time for total game time to go over 36.5 minutes.


Evil Geniuses vs Virtus Pro

It’s no secret that Virtus Pro’s glaring weakness is their vision game, or lack thereof. However, they often compensate for it by giving Ilya ‘Lil‘ Ilyuk Nighstalker whenever they can, or other heroes who can provide some form of extra vision such as a Clockwerk or Spiritbreaker. Even his Enchantress is scary in this sense as the extra neutral creeps moving around literally give Virtus Pro an additional pair of eyes around the map.

It’s quite tempting to predict that Evil Geniuses will exploit Virtus Pro’s lackluster vision game as they have done in the past. Unfortunately, this version of the boys in blue just doesn’t feel like the EG of old. No offense to the fans of #bleedblue, but their current form just isn’t going to cut it against a greedy and aggressive Virtus Pro squad that’s not going to afford them the space they need to make use of their core trio.

You can pencil this series in for a sweep. Unless Evil Geniuses suddenly find the proverbial switch and turn up their play, they stand no chance against Virtus Pro. Especially not when the bears are out for revenge as they’re probably looking to set up a rematch against Team Liquid, which hopefully, if the Liquid vs Secret series proceed as most expect, will come no sooner than in the Grand Finals.


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