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ROG DreamLeague Major Finals Day 1 - Fnatic and Infamous Are Out - Esportsranks
ROG DreamLeague Major Finals Day 1 – Fnatic and Infamous Are Out

Day 1 of the ROG DreamLeague Major Finals ends with Fnatic and Infamous finishing in last place while Team Liquid and Team Secret each have secured themselves a Top 3 finish. Both teams will meet tomorrow in the upper bracket finals to decide who will advance to the ultimate round and pocket themselves a huge chunk of Qualifying Points with a Top 2 finish in the bag.

Fnatic and Infamous With Another Early Exit

It’s a sad, sad day for fans of Fnatic and Infamous as their teams exit the ROG DreamLeague Major Finals on just the first day of play. This is especially disappointing for Fnatic as they had looked like a team that had put it all together after beating Mineski and TNC Pro Team for Southeast Asia’s spot in the second Major of the season.

Judging by their performance, though, it seems like Mineski’s earlier losses against them was probably more of Mineski playing worse than their usual standard. Either way, Fnatic will have a lot to talk about as they prepare for the Summit 8 Minor on December 13-17.

Infamousmeanwhile, look like a team on the verge of a major roster shakeup. They just look like a team with little to no upside. Although they remain one of the best teams in South America, their performance in international LAN tournaments proves that they’re still pretty low on the proverbial totem pole.

Whatever is wrong with Infamous‘ lineup, they’ll have to try figure it out quick. They’re set to play again next week at the MDL Macau Minor.

It’s a Tight Four-Team Race in the Lower Brackets

From the two teams who are out of contention, we move on to those who are still clearly in the race if only barely; Evil Geniuses, Virtus Pro, Natus Vincere, and Newbee will all try their luck tomorrow in Day 2 of the ROG DreamLeague Major Finals.

Virtus Pro started their day off right with a 2-1 win against their CIS rivals, Natus VincereThe CIS bears then followed it up by taking Game 1 against the defending champions, Team LiquidUnfortunately, they failed to keep the momentum going their way. Their decision not to ban Nature’s Prophet and Lycan, as well as Earth Spirit, in Game 2 and Wisp in Game 3 came back to haunt them big as the reigning TI champs were very comfortable playing their signature heroes.

Later on in the day, Natus Vincere managed to stave off elimination by taking out Fnatic 2 games to 1.

Speaking of elimination, Evil Geniuses also lived to fight another day with a 2-0 win against Infamous in the lower brackets. Although they probably wouldn’t have found themselves there had they just not been so stubborn; their refusal to ban Lone Druid in both games against Team Secret was perplexing, to say the least. Especially because Marcus ‘Ace‘ Hoelgaard has proven countless times already this season alone how capable he is on the hero.

In the next round, Newbee would learn from Evil Geniuses’ mistakes. They targeted their bans towards Ace, specifically his Timbersaw and Lone Druid, and Adrian ‘Fata‘ Trinks. However, even banning their signature heroes didn’t really do much to help their cause. Team Secret were simply the much better team in their slow-paced matchup as they proceeded to sweep the so-called Kings of China in dominant fashion.

ROG DreamLeague Major Finals Day 2

DreamLeague Major Finals

Image via DreamHack

  • 10:30 (CET) — Newbee vs Natus Vincere
  • 13:45 (CET) — Virtus Pro vs Evil Geniuses
  • 16:30 (CET) — Team Liquid vs Team Secret
  • 19:30 (CET) — Lower Bracket Round 3

Team Secret and Team Liquid will meet tomorrow in a redo of the semifinals of the ESL One Hamburg Major. The former took the win last time, going 2-1 in their tightly contested series. In doing so, they became the first team to eliminate Team Liquid in a LAN since Invictus Gaming ended their run at The Kiev Major back in April.

In a matchup between close friends and rivals, can Puppey eliminate Kuro ‘KuroKy‘ Salehi Takhasomi and Team Liquid once again tomorrow? Or, will Team Liquid get the last laugh, as they always have over much of the past year? Who knows! And, it’s not like they’re the only teams playing tomorrow, as Evil Geniuses and Newbee are set to face off against Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere respectively.

Having said that, the only thing we know right now is that we’ve got another long, exciting day of Dota 2 ahead of us tomorrow in Day 2 of the ROG DreamLeague Major Finals.

Who’s your pick? Team Liquid or Team Secret? Also, which team do you think will make it out of the lower brackets alive tomorrow and secure themselves a Top 3 finish? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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