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Rocket League Ranks – Top 10 Highest Earning Pros - Esportsranks
Rocket League Ranks – Top 10 Highest Earning Pros

Welcome to Esportsranks’ edition of Rocket League ranks – top 10 highest earning pros!

Updated as of 28/08/2018

Last year we took stock of the burgeoning Rocket League esport scene. Ranking the tournament top earners from 1 to 10. So a year on and with Rocket League due for a major revamp and influx of players. We thought why not revisit it and see who’s managed to keep their place and who has dropped out.

So read on and you’ll find out all about the best teams in Rocket League, what exactly these players are earning and who has made a name for themselves in 2018.

All earnings are tournament earnings only and do not take into account other revenue streams such as YouTube, Twitch, and sponsorships. (Source: Liquidpedia)

Rocket League Ranks Top 10

#10 New Entry Kyle “Torment” Storer – $53,680

Rocket League Ranks

Another new entry and the first in our Rocket League ranks, American Kyle “Torment” Storer. This guy has had some year, barely on our radar when we last did this he has won a number of Major and Premier competitions earning him a transfer to one of the top teams – Cloud 9.  It all started back at FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational when as part of Selfless Gaming he finished 4th earning himself $7,500 in the process. A week later he’s at DreamHack Atlanta Major with The Muffin Men where he finished 1st netting $20,000 in the process. A move to Cloud 9 followed and more a further 1st place finishes followed including the Premier RLCS Season 4 – North America which netted him $17,250.

At just 18 years old this is a player who is just getting started.

#9 Down from 1 Francesco “Kuxir97” Cinquemani – $61,539

Rocket League Ranks Kuxir97

Italian born, Kuxir97 was one of the first big Rocket League players but as the player base has increased so has the competition and that’s why he’s slipped from first down the earning charts. Having said that he still managed to add a cool $12,000 to his total With consecutive 5th place finishes in the World Championship with his team FlipSid3 Tactics he can expect to add more in the future.

#8 New Entry Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman – $55,959

JKnaps is another player who has really come into his own this year. Signed by G2 Esports in February of last year he has consistently finished strong in all the tournaments he has entered. Highlights include 1st place at the ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League, sharing a prize pool of $70,000 with teammates and coming 2nd at the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2018 losing narrowly to PSG eSports 3-4 but still winning $12,000 in the process.

#7 Up from 20 Dillion “Rizzo” Rizzo – $61,058.15

Another on the  G2 Esports roster Rizzo is a well-known Rocket League personality with his YouTube channel having over 300,000 subscribers. He has really upped his game this year playing alongside JKnaps. 1st places in the ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League and RLCS Season 5 – North America have shot him up the earnings table and our Rocket League Ranks.

#6 Up from 13 Cameron “Kronovi” Bills  – $70,815

G2 Kronovi

Kronovi is a legend in the world of Rocket League and one of it’s biggest names. And make no mistake if this was a earnings table not comprised of tournament winnings he would number one or thereabouts. He’s one of a few Rocket League pros that have a large Twitch and YouTube following. With close to 30 million views combined, Kronovi is making big money. He started out with IBUYPOWER and came first in the inaugural RLCS Season 1 World Championship. He slowed down a bit from then but 2018 has been a stellar year from him signed to G2 Esports with aforementioned teammates Rizzo and JKnaps he went from 13th to 6th in total tournament earnings.

#5 Up from 9 Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez – $73,745

Jayson Nunez is a member of NRG Esports – one of the most prestigious and most decorated orgs in the game. Up 4 places from to 5th strong showings in all competitions has put his total tournament earnings at $73,745. He’ll regret it not being higher though with his last 3 placements including the RLCS Season 5 – Finals being 2nd place finishes. Notable for being one of only two players, the other being his teammate GarrettG to make it to all 5 RLCS LAN’s.

#4 New Entry Garrett  “GarrettG” Gordon – $79,336

Like all good Rocket League teammates, you can’t separate them. GarrettG is a new entry on this year’s list. Quietly working his way up the scene his career really took off when signed by NRG Esports back in January 2017. Winning two majors including the FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational have shot him up into 4th place. After a 2nd place finish in last season World Championship can only spur him on to bigger and better things.

#3 Up from 7 Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver – $109,468.05

Turbopolsa from Sweden is as experienced as they get. 7th in earnings last year, wins at the RCLS World Championship 4 with Gale Force eSports, who were subsequently bought by British based Team Digitnas, has meant he alongside his colleagues have shot to the top of the earnings table. Their showing in the Season 5 World Championship shows it will take a lot to knock them off their perch.

#2 New Entry – Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs – $130,092

ViolentPanda has made his way all the up the list alongside his colleagues at Team Dignitas. Consecutive wins at the RCLS World Championship has seen him earn a whopping $130,092.

#1 Up from 6 Courant “Kaydop” Alexandre – $139,982

The French-based Kaydop was 6th just last year but in that time he has won not one, but two RCLS World Championships, his most recent with his new org Team Dignitas netting a cool $100,000 to be shared amongst him and his teammates. Not only is Kaydop the highest earner he is also the undisputed number one player in the world. Well deserved for top spot in our Rocket League ranks.

So that’s it for another year. There has been a lot of changes in the top 10 earners and with the growth that Rocket League is experiencing, we don’t doubt that next year is going to see a lot of big changes. So who do you think have been the stand out players this year? Is Rocket League becoming more a viable esport? Let us know your feelings in the comments below!