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Road To Worlds: CLG Through - Esportsranks
Road To Worlds: CLG Through

CLG may have been the favourites, but it was FlyQuest who started strongly and secured the first game win. The following three games were a clash of styles and gameplay which resulted in a 3-1 comeback for CLG. They will now face Cloud9 in the final round of the NA LCS Regional Qualifiers.

Wild Turtle Still Strong

Fresh off a dominating series against Dignitas, Wild Turtle was still strong in Round 2. After a dismal season, FlyQuest can take solace in the fact that many of their players are back on form.

Turtle’s Kogmaw was particularly impressive but still not enough to give FlyQuest the win. It was only in the last game, as Tristana, that he stumbled in lane against a dominant Stixxay on the Caitlin.

Solo Lane Superstars

Darshan and Huhi both played solo lanes as CLG played an aggressive approach to the series. In each of the last three games they overcame obstacles to remain strong and force team fights into CLG’s favour.

Aurelion Sol made an appearance in game 2. Huhi used him to great effect despite being down 2 early kills. He was able to zone and provide sustained damage for a team full of tanks.

Darshan went deathless in games 2 and 3, then overcame some solid ganks to provide the tank CLG needed in game 4.

It was Darshan who won the player of the series award.

NA LCS Regional Qualifiers

Flickr @lolesports


There was some controversy in game 2, when Huhi complained of a glitch between Aurelion Sol’s E ability and its interaction with Banshees Shield. He found himself killed by Hai before the game was paused and a chrono-break reset the map by several seconds.

CLG went on to win the game and FlyQuest could only wonder what might have been.

Omargod Targeted

NA LCS Regional Qualifiers

Flickr @lolesports

In a last ditch effort to fight their way back into the series, FlyQuest targeted Omargod for three bans in game 4. To his credit, Omargod took it all in stride and turned in some more solid performances.

He may not be as flashy as Dardoch but he’s been everything the team needs. He’s now played as a starter for CLG in 47 games and played in four best of 5’s. He definitely has the experience to do well against Cloud9 in the third and final round.

Cloud9 vs CLG

Playing in a gauntlet such as regionals can be exhausting. Darshan spoke at length about the requirements,

it’s important to keep 100% focused on every game, and think nothing about the big picture right now…we’re in the middle of the Gauntlet and we have to keep our heads in it.

Cloud 9 are no strangers to the gauntlet. Expect them to put up a tough fit as CLG and Cloud9 face off for the rights to compete in the World Championship. CLG will have confidence in the fact they overcame some early mistakes to win the series convincingly.

Cloud9 will be rested and waiting. The final series starts tomorrow so we won’t have long to wait before we find out who the third and final North American team at worlds will be.