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Road to Seattle: Newbee - Esportsranks
Road to Seattle: Newbee

Having secured their invite via numerous deep runs and a few 1st-place finishes in tournaments throughout the year, Newbee now head into The International 7 with a chance to make history.

Newbee – All Eyes on Sccc and Moogy


NewbeeDota / Twitter

  • Xu ‘Moogy’ Han
  • Song ‘Sccc’ Chun
  • Damien ‘kpii’ Chok
  • Hu ‘Liangzhi’ Kaka
  • Zeng ‘Faith’ Hongda

While Newbee’s current roster doesn’t have a single one of its TI4-winning members, it does boast the services of the longtime veteran, Faith, as their captain.

A position 5 support player for much of his career, Faithh manned the backlines for Invictus Gaming when they took away the aegis from the defending champions, Natus Vincere, back in TI2.

Having been with the organisation since September of 2016, the former TI2 winner has served as a steadying hand for Newbee and has led the team to high place finishes while making sure that they rarely disappoint.

Throughout the year, Faith has put an emphasis on drafting and playing around their two cores, Sccc and Moogy. Noticeable also is the team’s aversion to ganking, as they are perfectly content on letting the fight come to them, using their disciplined play to counter initiate and win or disengage when necessary.


MineskiTV / Twitch

On that note, Newbee prefers picking heroes with excellent crowd-control abilities and ultimates, such as Warlock, Puck, Sand King, Dark Seer and Tidehunter. Faith also seems to favour Crystal Maiden, despite the hero having fallen out of the meta lately. The team also seems to have developed an affinity for Shadow Shaman at MDL 2017, picking the said hero 8 times.

Mind you, it’s not like Newbee won’t fight teams straight up when the opportunity presents itself because they will.

Moogy, in particular, will not hesitate to jump into the thick of things; his preferred heroes, Sven, Ursa, Lifestealer and Juggernaut suit his style of play as he likes to chip away at enemy heroes and gladly let Sccc clean things up.

A Chance To Make History

Ultimately, Newbee has been one of the most stable teams of the year.

They most recently won Galaxy Battles 2017 and finished below 3rd-4th place just twice since their formation and yet, they’re one of the least heralded teams headed into TI7, both among qualifiers and invitees.

Maybe this is what happens when a team disappoints when it comes the most, as Newbee did by finishing in 9th-16th place at both The Boston Majors 2016 and The Kiev Majors 2017.

Still, it feels wrong to call one of the invitees and one of the most consistent teams of the year as dark horses, but at the same time, it feels like they are.

For all their consistency and stability, Newbee’s play style and overall strategy feel a bit too safe, even if their reactions are a bit over the top at times, and the team seems to struggle against opponents that are willing to experiment outside of the current meta.

That’s not exactly good for a team headed into TI7, where the stakes are the highest that creates a completely different meta.

Perhaps Newbee should take some pointers from their TI4-winning squad who won TI by switching their style in the middle of the tournament.

With that said, Newbee and Faith will need to find a way to change and improve with two weeks to go to improve their chances of making history as the first organisation and player to win two TIs.

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