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Road to Seattle: Infamous Gaming - Esportsranks
Road to Seattle: Infamous Gaming

From Team Secret and Planet Dog, we now go to Infamous Gaming, who are the first ever South American team to ever qualify for TI.

Infamous Gaming – Meet the Members

Infamous Gaming

Infamous Gaming / Facebook

  • Benjamín ‘Benjaz’ Lanaos
  • Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli
  • Renato ‘Kingteka’ Garcia
  • Farith ‘Matthew’ Puente
  • Christian ‘Accel’ Cruz

Infamous Gaming was established back in 2015. Although most people outside of SA probably wouldn’t know much about the team nor who their players are.

The one player that would most likely ring a bell is Accel, who has been with the team since its inception and was part of the first ever South American team to qualify for a Valve Major, Unknown.xiu, at the Frankfurt Major 2015.

The others? They’re relative unknowns. Yet, at the same time, they’re actually quite well-accomplished.

Accel, Kingteka and Benjaz were all part of the squad that qualified via the WESG 2016 Americas Finals and actually took 4th place at the main tournament itself, finishing behind more well-known teams such as Alliance, Cloud9 and TNC Pro Team. 

Timado is a 16-year-old carry player who has only been playing professionally for over a year and previously played for Team Freedom. 

Probably the least accomplished is Matthew, who’s had stints with teams such as Unknown.xiu, Luccini and Not Today.

A South American Powerhouse in the Making

Infamous Gaming

Image Via Twitch

After Valve announced that South America would receive its very own TI qualifier slot, most had already expected SG e-sports to represent the region at TI. After all, they were the ones who upset the rampaging European powerhouse, Team Secret, at The Kiev Major and even later on able to steal a game from NA’s finest, Evil Geniuses. 

While they were certainly the most popular South American team, them winning the whole thing was far from a sure thing. Not when other squads were, more or less, on the same level as they were, and one of those squads were Infamous Gaming. 

During the group stages of the TI7 SA qualifiers, Infamous and SG e-sports both finished with similar 7-2 records. Meanwhile, Midas Club Elite finished on top of the group, dropping just one game.

Infamous Gaming

Once the playoffs started, however, Timado, the team’s 16-year-old carry player, just went off and completely dominated his lanes.

Not a single team proved capable of stopping Timado and the rest of the squad soon stepped up their play as they finished the playoffs without dropping a single game.

The heavy favourites, SG e-sports, looked completely outmatched in the Grand Finals as they were disposed of 3-0 as Timado finished the series with a total of 44 kills and just 4 deaths.

A Tale of Two Teams

As dominant as Infamous Gaming has looked at times in qualifiers, they’ve also been rather inconsistent.

After sweeping their way through the qualifiers to play at the Galaxy Battles, the team failed to win more than one game in the main event and came home with a 7th-8th finish. The same thing happened at The Final Match 2017 as Infamous Gaming bowed out of the tournament after winning just one game.

With that said, how the team performs on the grandest stage of them all will depend on which team decides to show up.

Will it be the ones who dominated at the TI7 SA Qualifiers? Or will it be the ones who bowed out early at Galaxy Battles and The Final Match?

With only about three weeks to go before The International 7, we’ll find out pretty soon.

Be sure follow us here at Esportsranks for more Dota news and for our next “Road to Seattle” feature, where we will take about one of the invitees, two-time EPICENTER champions, Team Liquid.