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RNG & EDG Edge Out Victories! - LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals Recap - Esportsranks
RNG & EDG Edge Out Victories! – LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals Recap

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG

The LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals started off with the battle of the mid laners. EDG mid laner Scout was looking to perform on the big stage vs. Rookie.

Could Rookie continue his unbelievable run in the LPL and take on one of the best mid laners in this league? It was the MVP mid laner vs. the supposed best mid laner in the league and it was going to be interesting.

It would be up to the junglers, clearlove7 for EDG and Ning (and KidKid) for iG. One of the biggest strengths iG were bringing to the table was their ability to swap up their roster.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG Game 1

The first game started with a snowball in favour of EDG. It was Clearlove7 who was making all the plays happen, not KidKid. After yet another early baron it seemed as if the snowball was unstoppable.

After taking most of iG’s base on the first baron, EDG baited iG into a baron fight which led to an almost clean ace and a 1-0 start.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG Game 2

It seemed as if the mid laners had become bored of playing ADC’s. It was Orianna vs. Ekko this game. The Ekko TP into the bot lane netted EDG first blood. Could the swap of rosters save iG or were EDG too strong? TheShy definitely was battering Mouse in the top lane a lot more than Duke was. IG’s bot lane had been looking a lot stronger over the playoffs but they were definitely struggling vs. iBoy and Meiko. EDG were losing control over the map as iG made some great rotations to lead on turrets early on. A cheeky 25-minute baron thanks to some great vision meant another growth in their lead. EDG tried to salvage the game with a team fight against iG’s baron which failed and led to the series being equaled up. Game on!

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG Game 3

2 roams from the supports incredibly early on meant 2 deaths on the mid laners. Both supports had one kill a piece and were maybe considering buying some damage. Megan got another kill on Clearlove7 who looked tilted when he ran into Ning and Megan for apparently no reason. TheShy definitely appeared to have Mouse’s number, opening up another huge CS lead in the top lane. A few scrappy fights led to a slight gold lead in favour of EDG. This led to EDG baiting out baron and killing a few members of iG which led to an actual baron take. Despite a decent attempt by West (iG ADC) to save the final fight, EDG wipe iG and end the game.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG Game 3

A solo kill by TheShy further cemented the belief that he was all over Mouse in this series. A level 1 kill by a Cho’Gath? Was this solo queue or was this the LPL summer playoffs semi finals?! Mouse looked dazed and confused after dying simply for stopping TheShy’s back. Worth? Probably not. This looked as if it was going to be blood thirsty, as West goes down but takes Meiko with him. Could iG snowball their early game dominance to tie up the series? Furthermore, Rookie had a massive CS advantage on Scout which was unexpected, to say the least.

The focus was definitely on the top lane, however. TheShy had 2 kills and 30 CS on his opposite number after that early first blood. Yet again, an early baron led to the end of the game and iG took us all the way to game 5. What a series! A 22-minute victory in the 4th game of the series might have been exactly what iG needed to take them all the way.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals EDG vs. iG Game 4

In an almost frame perfect repeat of game 2, TheShy almost traded 1 for 1 in a gank by Clearlove7. Unfortunately for iG, Mouse picked up first blood again as EDG looked to shore up their weaknesses in game 4. The all important mid lane match up appeared to swing in Rookie’s favour after a failed counter-gank by Clearlove7. Clearlove7 appeared to want to drag EDG solo into the finals on one of the strongest carry junglers, Kha’Zix.

An exceptionally close game began to swing in favour of EDG thanks to some great tactical play. An attempted 24-minute baron was successfully stopped by iG which slowed the snowball down. The LPL tactic seemed to consist of death bushing into a baron, this was repeated over and over in this series and led to EDG netting baron. A final death bush (yet again) led to a 2 for 0 trade and an end by EDG. What a series, EDG come out on top!

EDG vs. iG Final score: 3-2

RNG vs. WE

This definitely was billed to be a battle of the giants. WE vs. RNG promised to be full of some great League of Legends. It could either be an exceptionally close affair, going all the way to the 5 game limit or it could have been easily won by either team. It all depended on who showed up on the day. This was a remake of the Spring finals, which were an incredibly intense affair. RNG were hoping to pay WE back for their 3-0 stomping in that series. Uzi was looking for his first ever domestic title and so much was on the line for both sets of players.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals RNG vs. WE Game 1

The game started with a few quick kills and equal trades everywhere across the map. The game was very equal until an explosive fight around the Rift Herald led to WE snowballing ahead with Kassadin grabbing 2 kills. Baron baits and death bushes were yet again utilised by an LPL team and a mistake by Mlxg who needlessly scouted out baron despite a sneaky ward led to WE taking the big purple worm. Advantage WE. The Kassadin, in the end, was too big to deal with and 28 minutes in WE finished the game to start the series 1-0 up.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals RNG vs. WE Game 2

If game one was a snowball in favour of WE, WE was the converse. WE were massively ahead at 25 minutes and the fragile defence of WE held on the best it could. WE banned Uzi out, but one of the star players of the LPL pulled out the Lucian pick and it paid dividends. Finally taking baron at 28 minutes, the game was in the sights of RNG. The second baron of the game was the final blow to WE’s defence and RNG levelled things up. This was going to be an exciting series.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals RNG vs. WE Game 3

After RNG struck back quickly everything was on the line for these two teams. This series was non-stop back and forth and again the game snowballed in the opposite direction. At 23 minutes WE were pushing down bot inhib when mid had already been taking. If Uzi had more damage in the final fight it could have swung the other way. WE poked themselves ahead with the series looking like it would go the distance.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals RNG vs. WE Game 4

With match point being in favour of WE, RNG decided that they needed some early game pressure. Mlxg picked up the Elise, a polar opposite to their idea of a scaling composition in the last game. This paid off almost immediately with RNG netting first blood. A bold call by RNG led to an advantage in turrets and the first lead of the game opened up. A fight which WE took while behind led to baron for RNG and a massive gold lead opening up. WE were bleeding objectives too quickly, however, and RNG ended the game off the baron.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals RNG vs. WE Game 5

This series was well and truly heating up. With such a close run competition the final game was likely to not disappoint. WE were incredibly hungry in this game. They chased kills but, importantly, objectives were traded evenly. This was maintained until WE managed to take 2 turrets without losing any in return. The baron tango began. Crucially, RNG were taking the dragons without losing anything in return.

WE took the first baron and looked to snowball the game out of control. Every other game was snowballed out of control by the first baron, but this game was different. Perhaps it was the nerves or perhaps it was just a great defence by RNG, regardless this game was the longest in the LPL playoffs so far. The drakes they had taken previously paid off when they took elder dragon and could relax for the first time this game.

Now it was time for a game of chess. With the game going so long that all players almost had full build, it was now a matter of scaling and decision making. Both teams had good scaling, with WE having Kog’maw and Cassiopeia and RNG having Ashe and Corki. In the end, it was probably the fact that RNG had an Ardent Censer on their team which decided the game. It was recently nerfed in 7.17 and this game showed why. A few tense fights around baron led finally to WE being trapped inside the pit by RNG. Xiahou on Corki soloed the elder dragon and RNG got caught in a recall pattern which led to WE taking the baron. Unfortunately for WE, the 3 stack elder dragon was too much in the ensuing fight and RNG booked their ticket to worlds. Checkmate.

RNG vs. WE Final score: 3-2

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals Predictions – EDG vs. RNG

EDG vs. RNG is shaping up to be a great grand final. Uzi has never won a domestic title and he looked incredibly hungry today in his series vs. WE. Both series went the full distance today and it’d be very surprising to not see that happen again in the final. RNG have locked in their worlds seed and that will take some of the pressure off them. EDG will be worried after RNG showed their form. They can, however, also feel confident as they did look good against iG, despite dropping 2 games.

EDG vs. RNG – 2:3

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