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RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 3 – Gale Force eSports Win the Title - Esportsranks
RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 3 – Gale Force eSports Win the Title

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 3 started off with the systematic resolution in the losers’ bracket. First up was a NA showdown between Cloud9 and Ghost Gaming. PSG eSports was slated to seek path to the finals through G2 Esports. Meanwhile, in the upper bracket, the winner’s finals featured an all-EU clash between Gale Force eSports and Method. Check out our brief recap of the games below.

Losers’ Bracket, Round 3

Ghost Gaming vs. Cloud9

These two have met on several occasions this season. This time around, Ghost Gaming really gave Cloud9 a run for their money. The stakes were high for both of the teams, so it’s no surprise the match went the distance.

Other than the last game, the matchup was really, really close. Cloud9 took the first and the third game, while Ghost Gaming won the second and fourth. Cloud9 put the pedal to the metal in the fifth and deciding game, breaking Ghost Gaming 4-0 and advancing to the next round.

PSG eSports vs. G2 Esports

Despite PSG’s unquestionable favourite status, G2 Esports remained unfazed, just like yesterday against Mock-it eSports. PSG certainly displayed serious oscillations in between matches. They managed to knock out NA champs Cloud9 in the upper bracket quarterfinals, only to get eliminated by NA runners-up here.

Game 1 actually went to PSG. G2 resisted, but PSG prevailed. Then, in the second game, G2 Esports took the charge and won 4-2. PSG got completely nullified by the fourth game. G2 won 3-1 in the end, deservedly.

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 3 G2 Esports

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Losers’ Bracket, Round 4

Cloud9 vs. G2 Esports

NA RLCS #1 and #2 had a score to settle once again. It was close, as it should have been. G2 Esports took the lead in the first game, but C9 won the subsequent 2 games in a superior fashion. G2 barely equalized in the fourth, scoring a single goal and surviving till the end.

It wasn’t much different in the fifth and final game, but the roles were opposite. Cloud9 scored, but were unable to break G2 the same way they did in the second and third game. Nevertheless, it was enough to advance into the losers’ finals.

Upper Bracket, Winners’ Finals

Gale Force eSports vs. Method

The all-EU winners’ finals were an absolute festival of goals. The Bo7 went all the way to distance in a back-and-forth fashion. All but the fifth game ended with minimal goal differential, proving just how close the EU RLCS #1 and #2 really are.

Stakes were high and the nerves played a role definitely. Despite undoubtedly high-level of play, it came down to rare mistakes in most of the games. This is where Gale Force eSports seemed to adapt just a tiny bit better than Method.

Lower Bracket, Losers’ Finals

Method vs. Cloud9

After a close loss to Gale Force eSports, it was finally time to see how Cloud9 fares against a top 2 EU team on the big stage. Truth of the matter is, they didn’t stack up too well. It actually looked like Cloud9 had the upper hand in the first two games, which they won with minimum goal differential.

However, Method seemed to have finally read the NA champs in the third game, and this was the beginning of the slow end for Cloud9. Method went on a 4-0 streak, sealing the match and earning another shot at Gale Force eSports in the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

Gale Force eSports vs. Method

Everything pointed out to another close match here, but it was quite the opposite. 3 matches in a row seemed to have taken a toll on Method, as they have completely buckled and choked under the added pressure of the Grand Finals.

Meanwhile, Gale Force eSports had just enough time to get to their senses after nerve-wracking winners’ finals. Still, despite sweeping Method 4-0, all but second game had minimal goal differentials. Method were obviously showing signs of fatigue and nervousness, but they still posed quite a challenge. That’s what often separates winners from losers. Had Method managed to defeat Gale Force eSports in the winners’ finals, it would be them taking a much needed break in between.

Regardless of the circumstances, Gale Force eSports have deserved every win in the last 3 days. The players have shown to be up to task when it was most needed.