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RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 2 – EU Only Winners' Finals, NA Cleans House in the Losers' Bracket - Esportsranks
RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 2 – EU Only Winners’ Finals, NA Cleans House in the Losers’ Bracket

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 2 continued with the overall strong showings of EU teams in the upper bracket. EU teams successfully carried over momentum from day 1, making it an EU only affair.

Meanwhile, either through sheer numbers or just the raw skill, first two rounds of the lower, losers’ bracket have seen nothing but NA teams winning. Both Oceania teams got eliminated right away, and Mock-it eSports had to relinquish the gate-keeper status against G2 Esports. It’s going to be an exciting finish tomorrow for sure!

Upper Bracket, Semifinals

Gale Force eSports vs. Ghost Gaming

After a horrible 0-3 loss in the Northern Arena losers’ bracket, GFE had a score to settle with Ghost Gaming. And boy did they do it! With a combined total of 8 goals to Ghost’s mediocre 2, Gale Force eSports crushed Ghost Gaming in a sweeping fashion.

Ghost Gaming will have to search for another chance in the losers’ bracket, and it won’t be easy. Still, they’ve shown enough composure to stake a claim against any team tomorrow!

PSG eSports vs. Method

The unquestionable favourites, PSG actually faltered against Method in the end. The EU teams really seem to have a number on each other. The match went the distance after PSG squeezed an equalizer in the fourth game.

The goal differential was definitely favouring Method here. They were more consistent and exerted more pressure, forcing PSG to rely on clutch saves and heavy countering. Ultimately, this constant playing from the backfoot was what cost PSG the game. Method will get to meet Gale Force eSports tomorrow in the repeat of EU RLCS Finals.

Lower Bracket, Round 1

NRG Esports vs. Chiefs eSports Club

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 2 Chiefs eSports Club

Twitter @RLCS

Everybody expected NRG to put an end to Chiefs’ run here, but the opposite happened. Now, of course, the match went the distance, but it was clear from the get go Chiefs have improved to a lever they can parry the NA gatekeepers.

The games went tit for tat. Chiefs took the first game 3-2, NRG returned fire in the second 2-1. Chiefs took the lead again in the third after a myriad of goals (4-1), but NRG equalized with a goal festival on their own in the fourth (4-0). The fifth and deciding game was an ultimate, one-sided beating orchestrated by Chiefs, with the final goal score of 4-0. A deserved win for sure!

Mock-it eSports vs. Pale Horse eSports

As much as Chiefs succeeded in dismantling the NA veterans, Pale Horse eSports had a seemingly impossible task at hand. Mock-it eSports made quick work of Oceania’s #2, with a total of 16 goals to only 4 scored by PH.

Oceania still has some catching up to do with EU and NA as a whole. Chiefs are already somewhere around the level of the top teams, but the rest of the region seems miles behind. Hopefully, next year will see a more competitive showing.

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 2 Pale Horse eSports

Twitter @RLCS

Lower Bracket, Round 2

Cloud9 vs. Chiefs eSports Club

As much as Chiefs made a major upset against NRG Esports, Cloud9 is a different level of a beast after all. Chiefs actually took the first win and it really looked like we’re in for a true spectacle. However, in the middle of the second game, Cloud9 took back the control and it was a steamrolling sweep until the end – 3-1.

It would’ve been too good to be true, really. Still, Chiefs eSports Club is a major positive surprise this year, and they’re bound to stay relevant next year if they maintain this level of play and keep on improving further.

G2 Esports vs. Mock-it eSports

The seemingly perennial runner-up Mock-it eSports have finally had a date with fate. G2 Esports came in strong and didn’t let Mock-it capitalize on their usual lightning-fast assists and rotations. It was truly a nail-biting finish of the day, a thriller where both teams doubled-down on their strengths and played to the utmost peak of their capacities.

It would’ve been unfair for this match to not go the distance. G2 Esports took the first game, Mock-it equalized, G2 took the lead again, only for Mock-it to come back again. The fifth game was decided by some ridiculous saves from G2 Esports. Mock-it were on point 100%, but G2 Esports played out of their minds. A deserved win G2 Esports, but also a sad departure of an exciting EU crew.