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RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 Predictions - Esportsranks
RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 Predictions

Today marks the beginning of RLCS Season 4 World Championship. The time has finally come to see which one of the 10 teams is truly the best of the best. Esportsranks brings you exclusive day 1 predictions.

Upper Bracket, Round 1

G2 Esports vs. Chiefs eSports Club

G2 Esports would be foolish to underestimate Chiefs. Despite their undeniable underdog status, the former Alpha Sydney crew from Oceania has all the necessary experience to pull off an upset, if given enough chance.

Both teams have tightened up their defences this season. G2 Esports have the best save percentage in NA RLCS, 79.2% this year, while Chiefs sport impressive 78.4%. Still, G2 came in as #4 seed in the end. Chiefs are the Oceania champions and #1 seed.

However, there’s something to be said about the relative competitiveness of Oceania and North America Rocket League Esports scene. Objectively, North America is still far ahead of Oceania. Chiefs also didn’t have nearly as impeccable regional run this year as last year.

The wisest choice here is G2 Esports at 1.35 to win the match. It’s hard to bet against Jknaps, Kronovi and Rizzo here.

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Pale Horse eSports vs. PSG eSports

PSG played with open hand at the recent Northern Arena Invitational, defeating their EU rivals and current RLCS champions Gale Force Esports. Not only that, but they parried the monstrous looking Cloud9 pretty well too, finishing in the strong second place.

It’s really hard to see how Pale Horse eSports can do anything here really. The #2 Oceania seed are up against the primed EU contender on the upswing. Realistically, they have even less chance than Chiefs at punching through. Even if they do, they’ll be met by none other than Cloud9 in the quarterfinals.

It looks like Pale Horse eSports are out of the picture before the tournament even begun. Pick PSG eSports to win here at 1.25.

RLCS Season 4 World Championship PSG eSports

Credit: YouTube

Upper Bracket, Quarterfinals

Mock-it eSports vs. Ghost Gaming

EU #3 against NA #2 will be the first quarterfinals pair later today. It’s a tough matchup to call and predict for sure. Mock-it have been on the rise recently, with paschy90 being an absolute machine in the offense, and Fairy Peak! putting in work consistently on the goal-line.

Meanwhile, Ghost Gaming’s newly formed Rocket League team displayed surprising congruency and team play to qualify for the international stage. They didn’t really do anything exceptionally well, but they didn’t have any real holes in their game either.

Still, Mock-it eSports are reasonably favoured here due to experience and individual skills. Pick them to win at 1.65, you won’t go wrong.

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Method vs. NRG Esports

This is the closest of all matchups. These two have already met in the loser’s bracket at the aforementioned Northern Arena Invitational and it went the distance. NRG secured a win in the end, but boy was it close.

Method also defeated #2 NA seed Ghost Gaming in the quarterfinals and narrowly lost against Cloud9 in the semis. They can definitely hang with anybody at the moment, with individual skills and team play to match any opponent.

NRG Esports, on the other hand, had a mediocre League Play run. The longtime NA #1 seed are coming in as #3 this season, undeniably matched in strength and beaten by their fellow regional rivals. However, their back-to-back wins against Mirage, Method and Ghost Gaming in the Northern Arena Invitational loser’s bracket were only trumped by 2 losses against PSG eSports.

If there’s a pair worth risking, it’s this one. Method is at 2.05 to win the matchup – I’d say go for it!

Gale Force Esports vs. ???

Gale Force Esports’ most recent showing at Northern Arena Invitational was everything but stellar. After easily dispatching the local team Mirage, EU champs and #1 seed lost a nail-biting match against PSG in the semifinals. This was followed by a disappointing 0-3 against Ghost Gaming in the loser’s bracket for the overall fifth placement. Certainly underwhelming for a champ-calibre team.

If G2 Esports beat Chiefs, which should happen by all accounts, we’ll get to see where GFE stand. They should be more than capable of beating either of the two potential opponents. The only question is – which GFE will we see today?

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Gale Force Esports

Credit: Twitter @rocketleague

Cloud9 vs. ???

Without a doubt, Cloud9 should advance further regardless of the opponent too. In fact, PSG eSports is probably an “easier” matchup for them from the psychological standpoint, as they’ve already beaten them two out of three times this season. That singular series loss was a timely reminder not to underestimate PSG or any EU team for that matter.

Cloud9 are definitely the main favourites to win the title this year. We’ll know very soon if they’ll uphold the high expectations set upon them.