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RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 – EU Dominant - Esportsranks
RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 – EU Dominant

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 offered valuable insight into the progress the teams and players have made over the past year. The gaps are not as pronounced any more. 4 out of 6 Bo5-s went the distance, with EU coming out on top in the end again.

Upper Bracket, Round 1

G2 Esports vs. Chiefs eSports Club

Just like we predicted, it was close, but G2 Esports emerged victorious in the end. Chiefs showed why they’re #1 seed from Oceania though. They made G2 really put in work to get the win.

Other than the last game, which G2 Esports won decisively 5-0, all the other games were quite close, with minimal goal differential.

Objectively, this was Chiefs’ best chance at pushing through into the quarterfinals, but they’ll have another chance against NRG Esports in the losers’ bracket.

PSG eSports vs. Pale Horse eSports

PSG orchestrated a total trashing of #2 seed from Oceania. The sweeping victory looked decisive and convincing.

PH were the closest in the third game, which made sense as they were fighting for survival. Nevertheless, they didn’t manage to snatch even a single win.

PSG are really peaking at the moment. This is really the best they’ve looked the whole season.

Upper Bracket, Quarterfinals

Ghost Gaming vs. Mock-it eSports

RLCS Season 4 World Championship Day 1 Ghost Gaming

Twitter @RLCS

We knew it was close and it could’ve gone either way. That’s exactly how this matchup unfolded.

Ghost Gaming took the first win (1-0). Mock-it rebounded with 2-1. Then, Ghosts went beast mode in the third game, scoring 5 goals in the process.

Mock-it proceeded to equalize with another 2-1. Finally, Ghost Gaming won the deciding game quite convincingly, 2-0.

I have a feeling these two teams will meet up again really soon.

Method vs. NRG Esports

Another close matchup went the distance as well. This time around, the EU team took the win though.

Obviously, Method had their hands full with NRG’s troublesome plays. All 5 games were won with minimal goal differential. NRG took the first game 1-0. Method equalized in the second 1-0 as well. NRG took the lead again in the third, scoring 2 goals. Method proceeded to equalized with a 2-1 of their own.

The deciding game was a nail-biting thriller until the very end. Method managed to finally score and proceed into the semifinals. If NRG keep this level of play, they’ll storm through the losers’ bracket with little problems.

Gale Force eSports vs. G2 Esports

The current EU RLCS champs looked just a tiny bit shaky here. G2 Esports managed to win a third game for the final score of 3-1.

Still, despite the glaring inconsistencies, GFE are on the shortlist of candidates for the RLCS Season 4 World Championship title this year. They proved it once again here against G2 Esports.

Cloud9 vs. PSG eSports

A repeat of Northern Arena Invitational finals, Cloud9 and PSG made sure to close the night with a spectacle. These two teams are definitely at the top of their forms now, and they’re proving it with their insane saves, acrobatics and scores.

Hell-bent on getting back at Cloud9, PSG Esports took the decisive first two games, albeit with minimum goal differential. Cloud9 rebounded with a demolishing 2-0 of their own, scoring a total of 9 goals to PSG’s only 3.

The fifth game was, as expected, a razor-close thriller that ultimately ended with PSG scoring the winning goal (3-2). There’s no question these two teams are still on the shortlist for this year’s championship title.