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RLCS Promotion Playoffs - Fnatic, compLexity Gaming, Rogue and Allegiance all relegated - Esportsranks
RLCS Promotion Playoffs – Fnatic, compLexity Gaming, Rogue and Allegiance all relegated

Over the weekend there was a bloodbath in the world of Rocket League esports. Fnatic and compLexity Gaming from EU and NA’s Rogue and Allegiance competed in the RLCS Promotion Playoffs versus teams from the Rival Series – with their place in the RLCS hanging by a thread.

The format was a best of 7 and double elimination so there were plenty of chances for the top teams to retain their places but none of them were able to do that.

This means Rival Series teams, which have been steadily increasing in quality will take their place in time for next seasons RLCS.

The teams that will appear at RLCS Season 7 will be Splyce and Bread for NA and Savage! and Red Reserve for EU.

The two EU teams are tipped for big things with Savage! containing popular players Dan ‘Bluey’ Bluet and David ‘Devoo’ Morrow, the latter previously of Team EnvyUs. Red Reserve who finished 1st in the EU Playoffs have had stellar winning a number of Gfinity tournaments and winning the Playoff with victories against Fnatic and Savage!

Maestro of Fnatic, a regular in the RLCS since Season 1 will be asking where he goes from here after a terrible season.

The Metsanauris Effect

RLCS Promotion Playoffs

From a player who describes himself as “nervous,” Mestaraunis has improved to become of the best in the game.

compLexity will be suffering whiplash after this season and big questions will have to be asked after what proved to be a disastrous RLCS Season 6 which culminated in the mess witnessed in this weekends RLCS Promotion Playoffs. The fall has been an epic one, it was only back in LAN S4 they finished 2nd and 3rd in LAN 5, but it was what happened in the off-season that has had massive consequences. They dropped Finnish player Otto ‘Metsanauris’ Kaipianinen after Season 5 citing him as – “the problem.” they hoped that tweaking the roster might finally net them a Championship but of course the opposite happened and they now find themselves relegated to the Rival Series, after losing to both Savage! and Fnatic this weekend.

And Metsanauris? Well, he joined We Dem Girlz who recently finished 3rd in LAN S6.

After the RLCS Promotion Playoffs – League Expansion and Org Items

RLCS Promotion Playoffs

The community is clamouring for more support for top orgs.

With the loss of 4 top organizations, there has been some talk of a potential expansion of the league format. While the Rival Series is great for competition it can have an effect on Organizations bottom line as it adds risk to any potential investment. Orgs don’t want to see their best teams drop into a league with no LAN meaning less visibility for themselves and their sponsors. This is one of the reasons why a franchise model has looked so attractive in other esports like Overwatch and Rainbow 6 Siege. We also have a situation where organizations are unsure of Psyonix long-term plans – the recent announcement of Org items is a step in the right direction but more news needs to be forthcoming so that organizations can plan for the future.

The effects of this lack of confidence can be seen already. We Dem Girlz haven’t been picked up by an org yet – arguably the second best side in Rocket League and if nothing changes a further 2 times will start the RLCS with no org support. Just to caveat this point it is rumoured that after last nights performance Fnatic will drop their roster and make a move to sign We Dem Girlz.

There are already plans to increase the league with South America coming into the fold for RLCS 7 but fans and organizations are calling on Psyonix to do more and fast.


So what did you make of the RLCS Promotion Playoffs? Is relegation the way to do things or is a franchise model the way to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.