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Rise of the SuperTeam – An end to Tactics? - Esportsranks
Rise of the SuperTeam – An end to Tactics?

We’ve been seeing various big-budget teams hustling to grab the best players, especially over the last year. A good many of the top teams have seen a lot of roster changes, even benching players who’ve been on the team for years in place of better talent. Essentially, team-managements with enormous budgets have each been trying to put together the ultimate superteam.

Well, that’s the way it goes in most competitive sports these days, and Esports are no exception.

Counter Strike ‘was’ a game of tactics

So are those tactics valid anymore?

Can a team like Astralis, that always used balanced, carefully-thought-out tactics, survive against a superteam like FaZe Clan.

The answer, sadly enough, is no

Teams with less skilled players, no matter how good their tactics, now cannot survive against teams like FaZe Clan.

Does a superteam even use tactics?

Sure they do. When G2 Esports decimated North at the Finals of Dreamhack Masters Malmö, of course they used tactics. But the tactics have become secondary.

Worse, no matter how good the opposing team’s tactics are, they just can’t stand against a superteam.

That spells the end of tactics as a weapon in CS:GO. Even worse, we have the feeling that if a superteam were to completely abandon tactics…  if they were to, each member, just go out and ‘do their thing’, they’d still have a good chance of winning!

ESL One New York 2017 FaZe Clan Superteam

Image Credit: ESL

Not that they do that, of course

In a recent match at the ELEAGUE Premier, we saw superteam FaZe Clan taking no chances against a single surviving member of the opposing team.

Yes, with the entire opposing team, but one, put down, FaZe still applied tactics against the sole surviving member. They laid down a line of smokes, carefully placed, to ‘herd’ the survivor to a place where they could take him out.

That’s tactics

It’s hardly their fault that each team-member is so skilled that they decimate two or three opponents in all-out firefights.

It’s hardly their fault that no matter what tactics an opposing team uses, it all comes down to those lethal firefights in the end.

They’re quite simply, that good

The problem is that with all these supremely great players concentrated into two or three superteams (that’s the most there are), are we looking at a future where these teams take all the Titles?

Winners of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 - G2 Esports vs North

Image Credit: DreamHack

Are we looking at a future of ‘predictable CS:GO’?

Let’s see how things work out in the ELEAGUE Premier, where FaZe Clan is steamrolling a path to the Title.

Are they going to win? Very likely. If they do, is there still a chance for competitive CS:GO?

That, as they say, is the million-dollar question.

ESL One: New York - FaZe Clan

Image Credit: ESL

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