Riot just teased a new ADC similar to Vayne

Vayne is one of the most unique champions in the game. She’s incredibly difficult to play and brings in massive benefits to the team once she gets farmed up a little. She can potentially 1v5 and carry the entire game (unless she’s on your team. Then she’ll just feed and go AFK). Riot just announced that they’re releasing a new ADC just like her.

For now, Riot has given no details regarding what the new champion might be like, or what it’s playstyle will be. All we know is that the Champion will be high-risk and high-reward.

Let’s speculate

Well, there may be one thing that Riot gave us to work with. They added a picture with their announcement of the new ADC. Here it is below:

New ADC 2018

Here’s the image that came with the new Champion announcement – via Riot


The purple colors and dark visuals remind one of a place in Runeterra. Or rather, out of it. The Void.

We don’t have a full idea of what the Void looks like. But a dark, desolate place with a purple tinge like this one could be it. That means that the new ADC could be from the Void, which will be the second Marksmen we’ve had from there after Kog’Maw.

From all this, we can visualize a somewhat lean figure like Varus who’s hell bent on destroying all of Runeterra. We might be wrong though. Riot has always been able to surprise its player base, and this might not be an exception.

We’ll have to wait for more details to arrive before getting closer to what this new Champion might be capable of. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know more!

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