Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals – TSM Sweep UOL in BO5; NA > EU

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals gave us a definitive answer about the current competitive meta.

In an absolute show of pure force and dominance, TSM disintegrated UOL, proving everybody that they are ready to go toe-to-toe with all EU’s teamfight-focused teams.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals Game 1

UOL Exileh picked up the first blood on TSM Bjergsen early on. That’s pretty much about it when it comes to UOL doing something meaningful in Game 1.

The rest of the match was all TSM. Doublelift on Ashe was landing some highlight-reel arrow snipes.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals TSM Doublelift

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UOL were getting completely outplayed as the game progressed. Their tendency to overextend and overstay was masterfully abused by TSM every time opportunity presented itself.

In the end, TSM was freely roaming around UOL’s Nexus managing to completely Ace the opposing team.

The final kill-score of 4-24 speaks for itself. TSM Bjergsen went on a Legendary 10 killing spree, while Svenskeren got a triple kill.

The game was over in a bit more than half an hour.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals Game 2

After an absolutely disastrous loss in the first match, UOL entered the second game still on somewhat shaky legs.

TSM recognized this opportunity and opened up with a 7-0 kill-streak, establishing complete control until the end of the match.

After 20 minutes, UOL led by Exileh went all-in and managed to finish Biofrost, Bjergsen, Doublelift and Svenskeren all in one sweep.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals TSM Svenskeren

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Despite this temporary relief, TSM soon proceeded to play the objective game again. UOL simply had no answer on the macro plan.

The game ended in less than half an hour. However, It looked like UOL was catching up to TSM a bit.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals Game 3

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals TSM win

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Compared to the first two games, third and final match was really close. It took TSM more than 25 minutes to finally swing the tempo in their favour and take control of the game.

UOL Hylissang took the first blood, killing Biofrost very early on the bottom lane. Samux was absolutely on fire entire game, collecting most of UOL’s kills.

However, TSM was not backing down at all. Doublelift kept landing ridiculous arrow snipes with Ashe, radically messing up UOL’s teamfight flow.

Still, UOL were a step or two above whole time, until the fateful 25-minute mark teamfight. TSM managed to ace them without a single death on their side.

This was huge for TSM. The immediate Baron kill afterwards turned the game around completely and UOL found themselves on the back foot again.

The pressure was high and stakes were big. UOL started chasing and overextending again. Naturally, TSM was quick to shut down any of these flashy attempts. This opened up a window for TSM to take another Baron kill. From that point onward it was just a matter of time.

Victory came soon after. TSM aced UOL, sealing the BO5 in a spectacularly dominant 3-0 fashion.

*** NA > EU ***

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Finals

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