Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 3 – TSM and Unicorns Advance to Finals!

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 3 offered definitive proof that things are primed for a significant shakeup in the EU and NA LCS Summer Split brackets. Region-wise, NA finished the group stage with 12 wins combined, while EU got only 6.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 3 Matches

Phoenix1 on fire

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 3 P1

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Phoenix1 and G2 met for the second time. P1 Arrow and Ryu went absolute beastmode, while G2 Perkz had an abysmal showing of 0/7/4.

No chance for EU LCS Spring Split champions at all – G2 finished the group stage with just a single win again C9. All other matches were embarrassing defeats.

Unicorns rise above the clouds

Cloud9’s lineup came up short against UOL’s chasers. Again, they didn’t capitalize on UOL Exileh’s notorious tendency to overextend and overstay.

Time and time again we see Unicorns winning on the back of their players’ uncontested solo efforts.

The recipe for Fnatic

The highlight-reel machines, Fnatic still seem to lack the crucial adaptability required for absolute dominance. When their flashy plays and polished teamfight engagements fall short, they really don’t seem to have a plan B.

TSM, on the other hand, has a very smooth teamplay and communication of their own, matching or even surpassing that of Fnatic.

With all those factors in play, it’s no wonder Fnatic lost again.

Phoenix1 inches away from Finals

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Group Stage MVP

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UOL had a chance for redemption against Phoenix1 after the loss in their first encounter on Day 1. However, it was painfully obvious Phoenix1 was flying faster than the speed of sound, while Unicorns were barely trotting around.

P1 won in a quite convincing fashion.

The only team to defeat Phoenix1 during all three days of Rift Rivals NA vs EU is Fnatic. They did it twice.

Unfortunately, this means we won’t be seeing P1 in the finals, as there’s one team with even less losses and more wins than them – TSM.

Fnatic lost in the clouds

Nobody really expected to see Fnatic losing 4 out of their 6 matches, but that’s exactly what happened. Cloud9 dispatched them back to EU without too much trouble.

This might be a good thing for Fnatic. They should be aware by now that you can’t rely solely on teamplay to consistently beat the best of the best.

The G2 Struggle

The way TSM vs G2 unfolded embodies the way G2 struggle this summer. They are clearly capable of fighting back, but constantly on the back-foot, unable to turn things around.

The final loss to TSM put a stamp to their Rift Rivals run. Time to revisit the drawing board and fix what can be fixed by the end of EU LCS Summer Split.

On the other hand, TSM finished the group stage with a total of 5 wins and just a single loss to UOL.

Group Stage = NA > EU

Overall, TSM performed the best of all teams. Bjergsen and Doublelift were the backbone of all their success during these three days.

Phoenix1 proved beyond doubt that they have finally found proper form and team lineup. They’re now the team to mess up everybody’s plans in the second half of the NA LCS Summer Split.

Cloud9 finished with a 3W-3L final score, definitely the worst of the 3 NA teams, but on par with EU teams.

Meanwhile, Unicorns of Love somehow managed to claw their way into the finals with a mediocre score of 3 wins and 3 losses.

This success is largely due to Fnatic losing both BO1s against Cloud9 and TSM, two teams that are certainly capable of going toe to toe against Fnatic’s aggressive teamfights playstyle.

G2 demonstrated once again they’re very far from their Spring Split championship form. The entire team looks faded and burned.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 3 G2

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Finals – TSM vs UOL

The finals are going to be sort-of a rubber match between TSM and Unicorn. TSM won in their first encounter during the group stage on Day 1, but UOL equalized the score on Day 2.

TSM is looking better and better as time goes on. Realistically, they are better than Unicorns, but when stakes are high, UOL usually bring their best game.

The format of the final series is BO5.

The action starts in just a few hours.

Esportsranks will be watching closely.

Will you?