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Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 – Phoenix1 Dismantles Unicorns of Love! - Esportsranks
Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 – Phoenix1 Dismantles Unicorns of Love!

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 is behind us. Our earlier suspicions turned out to be true – Phoenix1 is catching up with the competition really fast, while UOL’s flaws got fully exposed.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 Standings

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Clash of the champions

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 TSM vs G2

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The opening BO1 between the two region champs, G2 and TSM, revealed more of the same.

The constant mediocre performance of G2 Trick and Expect since the mid-season break is an immense hindrance which cost them again this time around.

On the other hand, TSM power duo Bjergsen and Doublelift has been working really well for some time now. It turned out to be an unsolvable piece of puzzle for G2 Esports as well.

Watch out, it’s HOT!

Moving on, Fnatic took the first bite at a recently revitalized Phoenix1.

The Rekkles crew won, but not without deep burns and bloody battle scars.

Phoenix1 was parrying Fnatic very well for full 25 minutes. Unfortunately for them, Rekkles and Caps were having none of that, carrying Fnatic out from the danger zone into a snowballing victory.

Need more clouds…

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 C9 vs G2

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Next up was a match between G2 and C9.

It was obvious from the get go that C9 was and still is a 2nd NA team. That crucial final part of the solution is still missing.

For all their flaws and weaknesses this summer, there’s a very good reason why G2 is a synonym for EU LCS throne. The ungodly G2 bottom lane duo, Zven and mithy, worked their usual magic, and this was more than enough to grind out a win.

Pack your bags C9, time to hit the clouds again!

Magic beasts

Picture a phoenix for a second. It’s a big, mighty, powerful mythological bird that dies by combusting into a fire show. Then it gets reborn from the ashes. Wow!

Now, compare that to a unicorn. It has some kind of magical horn on its forehead. Big deal…

See, this is why Unicorns of Love lost against Phoenix1. Names win games boys!


Fnatic allowed C9 Jensen to pick LeBlanc and C9 Sneaky to pick Caitlyn.

Cloud9 defeated Fnatic.

Case closed.

Fnatic is definitely on fire this summer, but nobody can play against the meta. Next time around, they’re surely going to be more careful.

TSM smashes UOL

Bjergsen and Doublelift on cruise control against Exileh with broken braking system? Yeah, this was rather expected.

Unicorns need to find a solution for Exileh’s tendency to overextend and feed in the early/midgame. He’s making it too easy for opponents to simply bait and wait.

NA > EU?

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 1 G2 mithy

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There are two more days. Anything can happen.

Nevertheless, NA already has 4 wins. EU only has two.

If UOL can come to their senses against C9, the score is likely going to get evened out at the end of Day 2.

G2 can and should defeat P1, but Phoenix1 themselves probably don’t know their upper limits yet, so who knows what will happen…

TSM vs. Fnatic = Bjergsen&Doublelift vs. Caps&Rekkles.

C9 will likely get beaten by G2 again. P1 is set to lose against Fnatic too.

Last but not least, TSM should end the day with another win over Unicorns.


TSM vs. FNC.

Yes, it’s way too early.

And yes, we called it.

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