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Rift Rivals Day 2 NA vs EU - 3 Wins for TSM, G2 Loses 2 in a Row - Esportsranks
Rift Rivals Day 2 NA vs EU – 3 Wins for TSM, G2 Loses 2 in a Row

Rift Rivals Day 2 – Unicorns Are Back

Rift Rivals Day 2 is over and what a day it was. Unicorns made up for a disappointing day 1 and TSM slide to their first defeat. Excitement, 6 man killing sprees and incredible comebacks abounded.

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 2 Standings

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Opening Game

Unicorns and the EU had a point to prove as they opened Rift Rivals Day 2 against C9. Ray’s Riven play on top could do little as Vizicsacsi showed up powerfully on Gnar. Jensen couldn’t rescue C9 as brilliant showings across the board gave Unicorns of Love a solid win.

Phoenix Rising

G2 faced off against Pheonix in the second game of the day. Phoenix showed that yesterday’s win was no fluke as Arrow and Ryu dismantled the G2 team. 20 kills to 5 shows just how thoroughly they routed their opponents.

TSM Take Fnatic

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 2 Doublelift vs Rekkles

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Fnatic edged the early game but couldn’t reach Doublelift in this deadly game of Rift Rivals Day 2. An early first blood on Hauntzer’s Kled meant little as the team failed to kill Ashe in the late game. Doublelift finished the game 8/0/7 and that’s a GG.

1 Man Killing Machine

G2 took on C9 but another defeat left them 0-2 for day 2. They managed first blood but this game was all about C9’s Contractz who went on a 6 kill killing spree. He finished out the game with an amazing 10/1/2 scoreline. Smoothie’s Blitz contributed with 9 assists to round off a great C9 success.

Fnatic Comeback

This was Phoenix 1’s game to lose and lose it they did. Fnatic trailed almost the entire game and at 35 minutes looked certain to go down without a fight. Rift Rivals Day 2 did not disappoint as a sudden turn around in the last few minutes saw them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

EU Left With Fighting Chance

Rift Rivals NA vs EU Day 2 UOL vs TSM

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The last game of the day was TSM vs Unicorns and the North American champions looked to be finishing in style. Leading by nearly 4k at the 18-minute mark they had Unicorns looking over-extended and stretched thin. Samux on Xayah came in big with 4 kills in the last team fight to secure yet another EU turnaround. Unicorns won.

Rift Rivals Day 2 – NA Still Leads The Way

These are world class opponents and rivals who should never be discounted. NA may be leading 7 wins to 5 but late comebacks by Unicorns and Fnatic shows why it’s never over until it’s over.

TSM heads the pack after Rift Rivals Day 2 with 3 wins and 1 loss but every game counts. Unicorns winning both their matches today leaves the EU with a fighting chance. Their “never say die” spirit means they might take it.

All is still left to play for as Rift Rivals Day 2 comes to an end and Day 3 looms on the horizon!

Check the action from Day 1 in case you missed it!

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