RFRSH Officially Announce BLAST Pro Series 2019 Season With $500,000 Global Finals

RFRSH Entertainment have officially revealed details regarding the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season, which is what the Copenhagen-based company are using to refer to the seven live tournaments that they have lined up for the year 2019.

In addition to this, RFRSH also added that all seven tournaments will culminate in the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals. The said tournament is set to feature a $500,000 prize pool. It will be held sometime in December later this year at an undisclosed location.

Earlier last year, RFRSH Entertainment announced that they were planning to go global with BLAST Pro Series. To that end, they’ve already made a stop at São Paulo, Brazil earlier this year. Next up is BLAST Pro Series Miami from April 12-14. This will be followed by BLAST Pro Series Madrid on May 10-11 and BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles on July 12-13. RFRSH already have the final three BLAST Pro Events scheduled for September, October, and November, at undisclosed locations later this year.

RFRSH have already confirmed the seven CS:GO teams for the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season. This includes Astralis, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, FaZe Clan, MIBR, Natus Vincere, and Cloud9. However, not all seven will receive a chance to play at every BLAST Pro Series tournament. Instead, they are only guaranteed to play in at least five. This leaves room for one qualifier team and one wild card team for the 7-team tournament.

All participating teams will be playing for points throughout the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season. The higher the placements, the more points a team will receive. The four highest point getters on the leaderboards at the end of the seventh BLAST Pro Series tournament will all advance to the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals for a single-elimination, best-of-three showdown with as much as $500,000 on the line.

RFRSH Shakes Up CS:GO Once Again With BLAST Pro Series 2019 Season Announcement

BLAST Pro Series / RFRSH Entertainment

If there’s one thing that we know about RFRSH, it’s that they are not afraid to challenge the norm. The BLAST Pro Series tournaments prove this. The two-day tournaments condenses all of the CS:GO action that typically takes weeks into mere days, with matching prize pool to boot.

Of course, despite the success, BLAST Pro Series has not had its fair share of naysayers. Some have even gone as far as to refer to the format as boring, for one reason or another. Then again, they’re not all baseless. It really can get quite boring seeing roughly the same teams fighting it out in the same format over and over again throughout the course of the year.

The announcement of the BLAST Pro Series 2019 Season helps change that, however. This is because, not only is there now a Global Finals that ties all of the supposedly one-off tournaments together, but it gives teams even more of an incentive to perform at their very best outside of pocketing a nice sum of money.

There’s pride, prestige, and glory on the line now, is what we’re trying to say here.

Astralis currently lead all teams with 10 points, followed by Team Liquid with 8 points. The rest of the competition will have a chance to catch right back up starting at the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019.

What do you think of the announcement of the BLAST Pro Series 2019 season?  Do you think it gives teams more of an incentive to even try harder to win these glorified showmatches? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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