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Return of the Legends 2017 - What Next? - Esportsranks
Return of the Legends 2017 – What Next?

Return of the Legends is billed as a must watch series. For anyone who’s watched these LoL legends play in the past, that’s true.

The main problem with viewers is… they can’t even watch it if they want to!

Electronics Sports League Fails Again

The Electronic Sports League is the world largest Esports company. However, when it comes to broadcasting they can’t seem to get their act together. Reddit is not the only place replete with how terrible their coverage of, virtually any Esports show ever, has been. So is history.

Fans trying to watch the English stream of Return of the legends have been left severely wanting. Loyal followers of Xpeke, HotshotGG and other League of Legends pioneers had to put up with stops, stars and even rewinds of the live stream.

Not the Casters’ Fault

A couple of the casters took to Reddit to explain the issue.

“…our production were trying to sort an Internet issue which caused the buffering, they also had the Spanish stream to produce and I believe someone must have accidentally hit a number key on the YouTube live feed resulting in it slipping back and not realising…”  – Exc0undr3l on Reddit – 

Riot has done a lot to make people take League of Legends seriously. ESL seems to be doing its best to reverse the progress. This kind of thing would not happen with any physical sport, it should not be happening.

This is a production fiasco. From what I can gather, ESL is streaming by doing a voice over of another companies’ live stream. Yes, you read that right. Therefore, they’ve given up control of some serious fundamentals.

The entire stream was rewound by 20 minutes just before a final team fight.

Professionalism at its worst.

What’s Next For Return of the Legends?

The second semi finals and the grand finals are on August 6th. There’s still time for ESL to regain a modicum of professionalism. The question is, will they and will this happen again the future?

Knowing the reputation ESL has among its fans, for broadcasting, the answer is yes. They should release a professional statement about why this kind of error is unacceptable. A public apology and announcement of a way forward will show they’re serious about fixing the root cause of this problem.

Return of the Legends Upcoming Schedule

Return of the legends

Twitter @CLG_HotshotGG

The next semi final features China vs North America. Viewers will, hopefully, be able to watch the likes of HotshotGG, Misaya and TheOddOne. All of these have a huge fan base who will, no doubt, want to see some incredible shot calling and great plays.

The winners will go on to play GPL Legends who have already won the first semi final. The total prize money for the tournament is 33,000. This is considerably less than other League of Legends competitions such as the world championship, but not a small amount either.

What are your thoughts about the tournament so far, and how has the broadcasting affected your enjoyment of it? You can leave your thoughts on twitter @esportsranks or in the comments below.