RCLS Season 6 Preview Plus Betting Guide

The league season is over and the Championship is upon us. Starting this Friday (9th, November) and running throughout the weekend. This is what the league season has been working up to.This year we are at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas with the best regions in Rocket League represented. With 4 teams from North American and Europe and 2 from Oceania car battling it out to be crowned the greatest Rocket League team in the world for the lion share of the $500,000 prize pool. So here is our RCLS Season 6 Preview.

The Format & Schedule

RCLS Las Vegas

After the success in London last season, RCLS Season 6 has a lot to live up to.

The format will is Double elimination – that means a losers bracket. Which is great for anyone placing a bet, if your team loses a tie they may still reach the final.

Games are best of 5, except the finals of both the winners, losers and the Grand Finals themselves – those are best of 7.

1st place will take home $200,000, while 2nd, 3rd and 4th will take home $120,000, $60,00 and $30,000 respectively


  • Friday, November 9 at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM UTC)
  • Saturday, November 10 at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM UTC)
  • Sunday, November 11 at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM UTC)

The championship will be streamed live on Twitch each day.

The Teams



Having won two year’s running and performed excellently in the league few can look past Dignitas. (Image: Rocket League Esports)

Ah, Europe, very much the powerhouse region of Rocket League – where arguably the greatest teams in the world reside.

Going into the RCLS as the top seed and clear favourites are Dignitas having won this very competition two-years running and after a blistering qualification campaign, they show no signs of slowing down. They went undefeated across the league season. In fact, they lost just 4 games in the 7 game series and had no trouble at the regionals. The synergy between Turbopolsa, Violent Panda and Kaydrop is breathtaking and it will take a lot to stop what many are calling the Dignitas Dynasty.

We Dem Girlz is the EU’s second side. They could accurately be described as always the bridesmaid never the bride. It’s not that they’re a poor team, far from it, but with frequent roster changes with the only mainstay being the experienced Remkoe they have often fallen short when it mattered most. There are rumours that an announcement about We Dem Girlz org status may be made at this years LAN but at the moment their just that – rumours.

3rd and 4th seeds are FlipSid3 Tactics and PSG esports. FlipSid3, in particular, have reasons to believe they can do well this year. They have the Season 6 MVP in Kuxir – a legend in the game who has really returned to form. They have also beaten Dignitas twice this season, one of just two teams to do so. There start isn’t the easiest. They are part of the most anticipated quarter-final, where they will take on NA’s G2 esports, and they will be meeting Dignitas in the semi if they win their game. If they successfully navigate those ties they could go all the way.

PSG are a surprise package, with Rookie of the Season Emil “fruity” Moselund impressing. PSG have form when it comes to upset recently taking the Dreamhack Leipzeig with a last-second goal against G2.

North America

RCLS Season 6 Betting Guide

G2 are the most popular team in all of Rocket League.

North America is a region that is stacked with talent but a dominant EU region has meant they have only taken one RCLS Championship home.

The top team and 1st seed from North America are NRG esports. A vastly experienced side containing GarretG and Fireburner who have been to every LAN to date. They were just a goal away from claiming the Championship last season vs Dignitas when JSTN, in his rookie season, scored THAT goal. After a slow start finishing 4th in the League, they finished top of the regional qualifiers. With their form on the up this season could be their year.

Arguably the most supported org in the game, G2 are 2nd seed and a team everyone likes to see do well. Kronovi is a big part of that. He again captains his team as they look to win their first ever LAN. His partnership with Jknapps in the season has looked electric at teams so they definitely have the goals. The first round matches up vs FlipSid3 means a faceoff against Kuxir, something we haven’t seen since RCLS 1.

A team that can’t be ruled out are Cloud9. They go into RCLS Season 6 as the most consistent North American team of the last year. And with the NA MVP Gimmick. Squishy is another name many will be aware of, known for scoring outlandish goals. Though they finished 3rd in the regionals, they have form against the top teams having beaten Dignitas to win Dreamhack Atlanta.

Rounding out the NA teams are Evil Genius. Frequent roster changes and a workman-like performance in the League mean no one really knows their level. A win at this seasons LAN would be a massive upset.


RCLS Season 6 Preview

The Aussie teams are known to bring the fun. (Image: Rocket League Esports)

The region is up and coming with some strong sides and the ability to really cause an upset as seen by RLCS Season 5.

The top seed is the relatively unknown Tainted Minds. They had a strong league showing pipping Chiefs the to top spot and have beat them on 3 separate occasions this year. So they are here on merit and definitely not just making up the numbers. Tainted Minds led by the experienced Cameron “CJCJ” Johns like to attack, their first game against Evil Genius will give us a good idea of where they at.

Rounded out the 10 teams, and 2nd seed for Oceania are Chief Esports Club. The most well-known club in Oceania. They have finished strong in the last two RCLS coming 6th in Season 5 before they were put out by Cloud9. A couple of roster changes happened in that offseason and they can no longer claim to be the top Oceania team.

Betting Tips

All odds are courtesy of GGbet.

Dignitas go into RCLS Season 6 as strong favourites and the odds reflect that priced at 1.35 to reach the final and 2.25 for the winner. So not much value their unless you want to play it safe.

Where there is some real value is the Reach the Final market. Remember this is a double elimination so, even if a team takes a lose they can still make it. We Dem Girlz at 5 and Flipsid3 Tactics at 6.5 are worth a bet. Plus the two Oceania teams are very underrated at 9 and 10.

NRG Esports to win at 5.4 is decent and again We Dem Girlz at 10 and Flipsid3 at 15 look inviting.

Editors Pick: We Dem Girlz to Reach the Final @ 5 (GGbet)


Who do you think will win RCLS? Do the two from Oceania stand a chance? Will it be NA’s year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.