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Overwatch League Logos Ranked from Bottom to Top!
Ranking the Overwatch League Logos

With the preseason in the books and Season 1 of the Overwatch League just right around the corner, we at Esportsranks thought we’d rank the Overwatch League Logos based on their creativity and overall awesome factor.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #12 – New York Excelsior

So … where do you start with this? A lot of people hate on the NYXL logo and can you really blame them? I’m not entirely sure how the logo represents New York, or the word Excelsior for that matter. It seems to me that the NYXL design team ran out of time when making, whatever this is.

There are only a few places in the world as iconic as New York and NYXL just wasted an opportunity with their logo, giving us a blue X that is a headache all but waiting to happen.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #11 – Dallas Fuel

Whilst I really like the colour scheme for Dallas Fuel, I feel like the logo doesn’t really represent the team name very well. When I look at just the flame part of the logo, I do not immediately think fuel. If they wanted to go with a flame, they could have tried to integrate something that references the fuel aspect. Fuel’s team name is great, the colour scheme is great, but the logo just lets it all down for me.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #10 – San Francisco Shock

When your name is Shock you don’t have a lot to work off of, so San Fran has made a valiant attempt (ha see what I did there). My main issue with this logo is that the shockwave is a bit too small. Maybe they should have been called the San Francisco Tremour, which somehow fits? Also, in my mind, when I think of the word shock, I think of electricity more than an earthquake.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #9 – Florida Mayhem

The Florida Mayhem logo is about as far removed from what people envisage as Mayhem. I mean I get that it’s a bomb but, really, a palm tree with the fuse? That doesn’t exactly scream mayhem to me. I like the way they have encompassed the M into the logo, but I just think they could have done a lot more with this.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #8 – Boston Uprising

If I would have made this list when the team logos were first announced I would have put the Uprising logo as number 11. But, for whatever reason, the logo is starting to grow on me, and I’m starting to like the design more. It’s still bad, mind you, and I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around how the logo is supposed to be a B and a U. The finish around the edges is a nice touch, but I can’t help but think that the logo is trying too hard to be edgy.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #7 – Philadelphia Fusion

Based on Philadelphia’s track record so far, it’s a miracle that they even have a logo for the team. All jokes aside though, I have mixed feelings about their logo, which is why I ranked them in seventh place.

I like the idea behind the logo and the execution deserves props; it’s clean and well-made. However, the logo is also a bit too plain, and because of that, I think it just misses the mark.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #6 – Los Angeles Gladiators

Ok, now we are getting into the good stuff.

I like the Gladiators’ logo for the simple fact that it’s well made. The purple color also makes the logo stand out. It’s not perfect, though. My main issue with the logo is that the lion head doesn’t really have anything to do with the word gladiators.

I can see that the logo is a shield, that much is pretty clear to me. But, wouldn’t the lion head look better if it was a helmet?

Overwatch League Logos Rank #5 – Los Angeles Valiant

The Valiant logo is a good demonstration of how to make a simple logo look so polished. The Valkyrie-esque helmet is a really nice addition to the logo and the way the V is encompassed in the helmet gives the logo a real pop. If some of the other team logos weren’t incredible, this logo would definitely be worthy of a higher ranking.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #4 – Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons’ logo is the perfect example of how a simple logo can look absolutely amazing. The logo itself is a clear representation of the team. You have the S for Shanghai merged with an awesome looking dragon. They also threw in a red flame, because why not

Personally, the only way to improve the logo is to make the dragon coil around the red S, but that’s just me. Overall, I still think that this is one of the best-designed logos in the Overwatch League and it definitely is one of my favourites.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #3 – London Spitfire

The only way this logo could symbolize England or London any more would be to have a picture of the Queen on it. The logo itself is crisp and has an excellent base design. The patch resembles something that a fighter pilot might wear on their uniform. The colour scheme is absolutely amazing and just gives this logo an extra kick to it. This logo could easily be number one if not for the two logos above that are just on a whole different level.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #2 – Seoul Dynasty

This logo is the pinnacle of simplicity and that’s what makes it so amazing. Everything in this logo is on point. The black and gold tiger just oozes class that goes along with the team name perfectly. This is the logo of a dominant team, something which pretty much every person expects of Seoul.

Overwatch League Logos Rank #1 – Houston Outlaws

The design team behind the Houston Outlaws logo need a raise. When you look at this logo it does a stellar job of depicting Houston/Texas. You have a longhorn skull made up of two revolvers, with a lone star on top of the logo to boot. The colour scheme is clean and crisp , as well as directly references the OpTic Gaming colours, who own the Outlaws’ OWL spot.

What did you think of our Overwatch League Logo rankings? Is your favourite logo ranked too low? Or is your most hated ranked too high? Be sure to let us know on your social media accounts or on the comments section down below.

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