Enter the SteelSeries Apex M400 gaming keyboard

This is the ultimate keyboard for the pro gamer fighting his way into the big leagues. The ultimate successor of the SteelSeries 7 – which it is a considerable improvement upon – the SteelSeries Apex M400 places a professional quality gaming keyboard within the reach of every pro-gamer. To ensure that you will miss none of your shots, this keyboard allows you to press many keys simultaneously without missing a key, thanks to SteelSeries’ famous anti-ghosting measures.

Built to last

This keyboard is actually reinforced with a steel plate, and has heavy-duty mechanical switches that can take millions of hits. The Apex M400 can endure months of spamming from even the most nervous player. There’s little doubt that this is one of the best entry-level pro gaming keyboards on the market today.

Externally, the design is simple and classical, yet that means that this keyboard holds no surprises for you. At the same time, its beautiful back-lighting gives it a very elegant look. It is highly programmable, allowing you to set options for macros and individual keys.

This keyboard’s excellent ergonomics, the strong mechanical response of its keys, and its utter precision and reliability make it the keyboard of choice for any professional gamer seeking both quality and a reasonable price. Indeed, the Apex M400 is the perfect balance between pro-features and price. It has everything the pro-gamer needs, while remaining eminently affordable.

Why a gaming keyboard needs to be rugged

Everyone knows that a gaming keyboard must take very brutal and repetitive action, usually centered around a small number of keys, and this quickly causes non-gaming keyboards to fail rather quickly when used by a pro gamer.

Think about it

Most pro gaming sessions last eight hours, and any reasonable team practices that way at least four days a week. Perhaps four keys are used for movement, and a few others for various skills and abilities – but those few keys are subjected to at least forty hours of intensive, repetitive play every week. Of course most keyboards fail under such use.

Yes, you could simply keep buying new keyboards as each old one fails. However, aside from the question of how much such a policy would cost, there’s another good reason to buy a good professional keyboard that doesn’t fail, rather than using a string of lesser-quality keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex m400 2

Here’s why one should opt for a specially built gaming keyboard…

When you use a keyboard for an extended period of time, your hands tend to adapt themselves perfectly to the amount of pressure required by the keys. In effect, the keyboard becomes an extension of your own body. If it then fails and you replace it with a new keyboard, this process of adapting to the keyboard must be begun all over again. The ideal thing, therefore, is to buy a supremely rugged keyboard that will last for years and which will become so much an extension of yourself that it almost extends your very thoughts into the game.

This is exactly the sort of ruggedness that the SteelSeries Apex M400 offers

According to the manufacturer, the keyboard is virtually built like a tank. It uses special QX1 switches whose mechanical response is guaranteed to last being used up to 50 million times. The keys react excellently with just two millimeters of depression, allowing for precise tapping and double-tapping.

The precision response of these keys, combined with the feather-light touch required by them, allow for lightning-fast responses in-game. The increase in your in-game speed and accuracy allows for more actions per minute, giving you that crucial edge over opposing players. If you prefer utter reliability, and a keyboard that never fails to deliver your commands, then the Apex M400 is the one for you.

The keys are also relatively noiseless, and the noise levels generated by this keyboard are very much lower than those of other mechanical keyboards.

apex m400 switches

External design

The Apex M400 keyboard is rather sober, and goes for a classical look. It has back-lighting for each key that allows for night-gaming sessions, and adds to the elegant look of the keyboard. There are three settings to this, with four brightness levels to each.

The keyboard is slightly elevated to allow for more comfort while playing, and weighs in at around 1.2 kg, with excellent anti-skid pads. This keyboard won’t move around under stressful playing, adding to its reliability. The rugged, heavy black plastic casing has been designed to withstand severe impacts, while the steel plate reinforcement adds to the device’s long term durability.

The anti-ghosting feature prevents an error that occurs in other keyboards where a third key may be activated if you press two keys at the same time. The Apex M400 allows you to press any combination of keys on the keyboard at once without crashing the keyboard, a feature that one usually only finds on the best gaming keyboards.

Key features of the SteelSeries Apex M400 mechanical gaming keyboard

Connects via a USB 2.0.

Language: English (QWERTY).

Standard size switches with keypad.

Uses hardy QX1 switches.

Requires just 2mm of depression, and allows for rapid tapping and double-tapping.

Highly Programmable Macros and Keys.

Rugged black casing, reinforced with a steel plate.

Beautiful backlighting.


SteelSeries Apex m400 1

Conclusion – This hardy keyboard has been made to order for the pro-gamer

It is essentially suited to professional games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, or Dota 2, but may not be as suitable for racing or arcade games. This is because the QX1 switches tend to be linear, and therefore unsuited to racing games.

The height of the keys is also designed to be best suited to activating weapons and abilities in pro-games. While the comfort level in use for gaming is excellent, this keyboard is not indicated for Word Processing, as the lack of a wrist rest makes it inadvisable for that purpose.

The anti-ghosting feature is a special advantage, as is the price

This keyboard incorporates many of the necessary pro-gamer features of much more expensive keyboards at a very acceptable price. Buy.

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