Introducing the HyperX Cloud 2 headset…

Kingston’s HyperX Cloud 2 headset is entirely focused upon the pro-gaming scene. It’s a universal headset, which means that, while you can use it on your PC, it is also possible to use this headset on the PS4 or the Xbox. You will need an adaptor if you want to use it on the Xbox.

The ergonomic design shows that the engineers really understand the lifestyle of the pro-gamer. The headphones are very comfortable to wear, even after long hours of playing, and do not cause any irritation or itching. The ear-cups are also designed to not cause excessive perspiration.

Choosing the right pair of headphones is crucial to the pro gamer

If you’re a gaming professional you will easily understand why this is so. Any professional gamer has to put in several hours of practice every day, at the very least, and this can actually become a rather unpleasant experience if you have a bad pair of headphones.

This is especially a problem if your headphones are too heavy or if they are uncomfortable, as they will usually cause your neck to pain after an hour or more of gaming. If you are using a 350-gram headset, you might find this quite unbearable after an hour or two. Replace that with a 250-gram headset, and that dull ache in your neck will disappear.

HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset 2

The exterior design of the HyperX Cloud 2

The headset looks luxurious and subtly sophisticated. Forget flashy colors, LEDs, or angled finishes. Here, everything breathes sobriety and class. The headset is finished in a beautiful black metal finish, and combines leather and memory-shaped ear cups with an external sound card for high quality rendering.

The sleek and elegant design of the HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset make it ideal, not only for long hours of professional gaming, but also for live streaming. It has just the look to give your recordings the professional touch they need.

The logo and the name of the headset are very discreet, without being entirely invisible. The metallic portions of the headset have a superb brushed look, while the microphone is removable for when you do not require it.

HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone 4

Be wary of big, flashy headphones

These look like they are dedicated for gaming, but would not really be the choice of the pro-gamer. Things to look for in a good headset are long-term comfort, a good soundstage, excellent positional audio and clarity of sound. These, the HyperX Cloud 2 headset delivers in spades.

The headset also allows you to set the audio to your requirements

You should take advantage of this to set the bass to the lower end of the range, which makes the headset more analytical, and allows you to hear the more subtle sounds in your environment, such as footsteps, for example. While you may lose some of the music and ambient sounds in the game, this sort of setting will vastly enhance your perception of opponents, and thus, your game-play.

The HyperX Cloud 2 headphones connect to the PC via a high quality braided cable. It is rather a pity that this cable isn’t removable to turn the headset into a pair of wireless headphones. However, considering the price of the headset, and the quality it delivers, this is a minor issue.

Technical Characteristics

The relatively low price of the HyperX Cloud 2 might leave you skeptical about its performance. Rest assured that the integrated soundcard produces a very detailed soundscape. The game experience itself is very immersive, and offers excellent perception of details, ensuring that you have a very good idea of what is going on around you as you listen to the sound environment of the game.

The headset is equipped with Surround 7.1 Multi-channel Audio Mixing. This allows you to effortlessly listen to the soundscape of a game, while simultaneously having a voice conversation with your teammates. Indeed, the headset it specifically designed to allow you to listen to each channel clearly without sacrificing the clarity of one over the other.

Hyperx cloud 2 colours 1

Clear perception of different sound sources

While playing CS:GO, for example, you’ll find that, with this headset, an opponent’s footsteps are not camouflaged by other sounds in the game. This gives you a distinct advantage, and will immediately prove to you the worth of this headset. The high quality stereo output of the headset also allows you to directionally fixate upon sounds in the game, giving you an excellent sense of what direction a sound is coming from.

One relatively minor negative point is that you cannot create a custom profile of your settings for a particular game. If you set the headset optimally for a particular game, and then go on to play another one, you will have to change the settings manually. This is not a problem for pro-gamers, who generally specialize in a particular game, and can keep the settings that they always use when they practice.

As a side-note, it is worthwhile to spend a little time setting the headset to function optimally inside the game, and especially to experiment with positional audio inside the game, and with setting the headset for maximum clarity in the sounds that you feel are most important for you to hear in the game. You can get your teammates to help you with this.

Self adjusting microphone

Regarding the microphone, it might interest you to know that the microphone’s volume is self-regulating according to the sound environment of the game. If the action in a game gets too noisy, your microphone is automatically adjusted accordingly so that your teammates will continue to hear you over the sounds of the game.

Should you buy the HyperX Cloud 2?

If you’re looking for a powerful and comfortable gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud 2 is the one for you. Its price is eminently reasonable, and it is especially recommended for the pro-gamer who’s fighting his way up through the rankings.

At the same time, its sophisticated look, superb multi-channel clarity and perfect soundstage are features that are the trademarks of higher-end gaming products. Add to that the protective carrying case, an additional velvet support, and a special adaptor, and this becomes the headset of choice for the dedicated gamer. Most headsets that sport these features easily cost three times the price.

It’s almost impossible to find a headset that can really compete with the HyperX Cloud 2 in its price range. It’s an excellent buy.

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