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Pro Teams looking to take S1mple from NaVi - Esportsranks
Pro Teams looking to take S1mple from NaVi

By now, everyone’s already heard about NaVi’s Oleksandr Kostyliev’s outburst on Twitter.  Essentially, after a bad loss for the team, the NaVi superstar – known as s1mple – said, ‘I’m done.’

We didn’t take the statement too seriously at the time – after all, NaVi’s going through a rather stressful time. They’ve hit a bad patch, and it’s inevitable that this should have an effect on team morale. Under such circumstances, the occasional outburst is understandable.

Competing team managers are interested in S1mple

After all, he certainly is one of the top players in the world, even if his present team isn’t doing too well. He consistently delivers excellent kill-death ratios, and his skills are exemplary.

NaVi is definitely struggling

There’s no doubt that NaVi has hit a bad patch, and is no place for a star player. Take Ladislav Kovács – Guardian – as an example. NaVi wasn’t doing well when Guardian was with them, but after he shifted to FaZe Clan, both he and FaZe have been doing very well.

There are times when a roster’s meta is just ‘off’ – sometimes, even great players don’t really work well together, or there are one or two unreliable members on the team who don’t really ‘pull their weight’. Whatever the reason, NaVi isn’t playing reliable CS:GO, and hasn’t been doing so for a long time.

NaVi’s CEO, Yevhen Zolotarov, is bound to react to this situation, but streamlining a roster requires that some suitable star player be available. If he doesn’t react quickly, though, he stands to lose his own star players.

Navi CEO

@NAVIHarisPilton / Twitter

Even the return of the team’s old captain hasn’t made much of a difference

When Daniil Teslenko – Zeus – returned to NaVi, analysts and fans around the world looked to a turnaround of the team’s fairly dismal performance. It didn’t happen. This is rather strange, since Zeus is a truly talented team captain, and has worked well with other rosters. The problem with NaVi is probably a ‘weak link’ in their roster that needs replacing.

S1mple’s contract ends later in the year

Yes, s1mple is indeed done with NaVi if his contract isn’t renewed. And top analysts like Thorin and Lewis have been advising him to leave the team for some more effective roster.

Will he take their advice?

We’ll know come the new year. But it’s obvious that s1mple is thinking about his future, and team managers around the world are already considering whether there’s a place for the Ukrainian superstar on their own rosters.

S1mple used to have this ‘bad attitude’, and before he joined NaVi, was usually the star of whatever team he ‘chose to be on’. When he joined NaVi, all that changed. Not only did he play support in-game, but he was also more controlled, more respectful of others.

It hasn’t worked.

S1mple’s ‘fire’ and attitude were an integral part of his game-play. He played like a star, and brings undoubted combat capability to the table. If a team can’t harness that effectively, perhaps he belongs on another team.

S1mple’s future looks bright. As for NaVi – they can’t afford to lose a player like s1mple, with the way the team has been doing lately. This is the time for NaVi’s management to react – or see their team fall further in the rankings with s1mple’s exit from the team.

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