Pro FIFA Players: What They’ve Been Up To This Offseason

With the FIFA World Cup taking over everything right now, we decided to take a look at what our favourite Pro FIFA players have been up to this offseason. 

The FIFA World Cup is beginning to heat up with the final matches of the group stage now being played. It’s been a fantastic tournament so far with some insane moments. Case in point, Ronaldo’s unbelievable hat-trick for Portugal against arch-rivals Spain.

We’ve also seen a fair share of drama, including a managerial sacking, with the Spain manager getting the boot before the tournament even started! There’s been the Messi-led players’ revolt against Sampaoli and even a Marcos Rojo goal! Yes, Marcos Rojo scored an actual goal! And what a goal it was saving Argentina’s blushes and sending them into the knockout stages.

With all this going on it’s no surprise that the virtual version of the game has taken a back seat. Many of FIFA 18’s most popular streamers and pro players are taking a break to enjoy the summer and the tournament in Russia. Some have even been lucky enough to get over there to watch the action in person.

They would be wise to keep match fit though, because when the World Cup ends it won’t be long till we’re back in the full swing of competitive FIFA with the FIFA eWorld Cup kicking off on the 2nd of August in London!

Having said that, we decided to do a bit of snooping to see what our favourite pro FIFA players are up to this offseason:

Spencer Ealing aka FaZe Gorilla

Pro FIFA Players

Who better to check in with first than last year’s FIFA eWorld Cup winner? A lot has changed for Gorilla since being crowned champion at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final. Having been signed by the legendary Esports team FaZe back in May. The pressure is now well and truly on to outlast all pro FIFA players and repeat last years victory.

You can’t tell that from snooping around his social media accounts, though. In fact, he seems to be rather relaxed about the whole thing going by his twitter.

The only signs of stress was a tweet made in early June:

Maybe the life of pro FIFA players is a bit more taxing than we thought?

He’s, of course, also been enjoying the World Cup and supporting his country England. Going mental at Harry Kane’s hat trick and at one point reposting the odds for England to win it and Gorilla to retain the title.

We’re not quite sure if he’s confident in himself or England but with those odd’s it might be worth a punt.

He has also returned from a holiday in Spain. Never a bad place to scrub up on anything involving football, though we feel this trip less tiki-taki and more tapas.

Chukwuma Morah aka ChuBoi

FIFA commentator, Twitch streamer, and all round good egg ChuBoi was lucky enough to be in Russia for the tournament and giving his support to the Super Eagles aka Nigeria.

We can’t say we’re not a little jealous. The Nigerian team and their fans always seem to have a great time at tournaments, win lose or draw it’s always a party.

Chuboi has been speaking about how hard it is to watch your team at the most high pressure of situations and the absolute pinnacle of the sport at one point stating via Twitter that his, “heart couldn’t take it.”

Sadly, the experience is over for him because after Nigeria got knocked out in heartbreaking circumstances against Argentina last night, Chuboi is on his way home. If there is a bright side is that he’ll be back to his usual schedule providing us with great streams, videos, and the latest FIFA news.

Here are a few words he had to say about his time in Russia.

Fatih Ustun aka FIFAUstun

Pro FIFA Players

FifaUstun was one of the breakout pro FIFA players this year in FIFA 18. Signed by Brøndby Esport in time for the FIFA eClub World Cup. And what a signing it was. Ustun alongside teammate, Fredberg smashed their way to the final, with Ustun, in particular, scoring an insane amount of goals.

In the final, they met Team Envy who have wonderkid Eisvogel on their roster. The first leg had Eisvogel play Fredberg, with the latter losing 4-1 meaning Ustun had it all to do going into the second leg.

Fortunately for Fredberg, if Ustun can do anything it’s score goals and score he did. Smashing in 6 uncontested goals to help Brondby FC lift the FIFA eClub World Cup for the second year running.

Ustun’s next stop was Amsterdam for the qualifiers for this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup, where his attacking verve wasn’t in any way diminished scoring an average of 3.84 goals a game. Sadly it was not to be for one of the most exciting attacking players in the sports as he was beaten in a crunch match against French player andoniiPM.

Here’s what Ustun had to say about his less-than-stellar defensive record.

With his contract up at Brøndby Esport, he’s currently on the lookout for a new club. A natural goalscorer on a free agent? Something tells us he’ll be back next year bigger and better.

Edwin Castro aka Castro1021

For those of you who don’t know Castro1021, he is the biggest FIFA streamer on the planet. Residing in Texas and hailing from Mexico, it’s safe to say he is very passionate about his home country! And going by his Twitter he has been absolutely loving the tournament so far.

The World Cup is a time for bringing people together and Castro1021 has certainly taken it to heart inviting fans, followers and subscribers to his home to watch Mexico play South Korea and the whilst live streaming it on Twitch so everyone can join in the fun.

Castro1021 even got to travel to Russia to watch his team go up against Sweden, thanking his fans for making it all possible.

But with Sweden winning 3-0 it looked like the trip might end in tears for the world’s most excited Mexican fan but fate was on the Mexican’s side as South Korea stunned the world by beating Germany 2-0 with Nuer playing like the goalkeepers in launch day FIFA 18.

Castro was relaxed enough to joke about the loss with a series of tweets after the game.

Let’s hope Mexico go further so we can have our days brightened by Castro’s antics.

Onwards to the FIFA eWorld Cup

Pro FIFA Players

Though we don’t want the tournament to end in a hurry, we know that when it does it means we haven’t got long to go until the FIFA eWorld Cup kicks off in August. It is set to be the biggest FIFA tournament to date with just under 20countries represented to see who will be crowned the best FIFA player in the world.

Of course, Esportsranks will be there bringing you all the latest news and action direct from London.

So enjoy the World Cup and we’ll see you in August!

What do you think we can expect from our favourite pro FIFA players come the Fifa eWorld Cup in August? Do you think Gorilla will go back to back? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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