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How much are Pro Counter-Strike Players worth? - Esportsranks
How much are Pro Counter-Strike Players worth?

With a million dollars riding on an event that’s just a few days away, let’s look at the gross total earnings of some of the Pro Counter-Strike players out there. Counter-Strike has come a long way since its humble origins.

Here’s a FIVE-MAN COUNTDOWN to the top earners among Pro Counter-Strike Players

With Global Offensive, it’s bigger and better than ever before. There are a lot of big names supporting CS:GO… And that means that potential earnings are higher than ever before. So, as the fifth man on our list, I give you the inimitable…

Jesper “jw” Wecksel

Jesper is the youngest of the Fnatic team, and he started out in 2012 by earing as much as three thousand Krone in a Norwegian tournament. He was just seventeen years old.

Within the next two months, he was snapped up by the Epsilon Esports team. That’s the very team that originated half the members of Fnatic today.

So, how much is he worth, all-in-all?

Well, I’d say that as of now, he is worth at least three hundred thousand dollars… because Fnatic wins all the time.

Next, at number four is…

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist

Robin is another top Fnatic earner, and some feel that he’s the core of the team. He’s an exceedingly consistent player, which means that his earnings are equally consistent.

I don’t think anyone can actually count the number of tournaments the Fnatic team has won, but they have taken more than a few top titles in the past.

Pro Counter-Strike Players

Image Credit: Flikr, Andrew Bell

Robin is the glue that holds Fnatic together, and he keeps the team calm when they are fighting under heavy odds.

He’s made at least as much as Jesper over the years, and I’d put his total earnings at another three hundred thousand dollars.

Then, at number three, we have…

Wiktor “Taz” Wojtas

Three hundred thousand seems to be the magic figure so far as earnings go with Pro Counter-Strike Players, because Wiktor has earned something like three hundred and five thousand dollars (all told), which puts his earnings a tad higher than the previous two names I’ve mentioned.

He’s one of the top players from Europe, and has held that standing for just about the last ten years. He’s powered through a number of Counter-Strike versions and patches, to come of age in CS:GO.

He joined Virtus.pro in 2014, and they won the ESL1 Katowice Major within the next two months. He was flush with cash in 2015, earning a hundred thousand in that single year alone.

Another major earner, and this one at number two, is…

Filip “neo” Kubski

His earnings today stand at a total of around three-hundred-and-ten thousand. Everyone knows Filip as Neo, and they have become used to seeing him fighting besides his teammate Taz. Neo tends to freelance sometimes, which is why his earnings stand a little higher than Taz’s.

It’s not much, but you know what they say… every little bit added to what you have, becomes a little bit more.

Finally, at the very top, is…

Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg

You knew this was coming!

He’s massively ahead of all the runners-up on our list, grossing at a massive three-hundred-and-seventy thousand. His earnings are so high because he’s been playing consistently well since 2005.

He’s come a long way since his first victory at sixteen, in which he earned seven-hundred-and-thirty dollars.

But that marked his entry into the E-sports circuit, and his final entry into the Fnatic team was an important part of his career before he finally moved on to Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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