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Pro Aiming Techniques to Help You Advance in the CSGO Rankings - Esportsranks
Pro Aiming Techniques to Help You Advance in the CSGO Rankings

There are teams like SK Gaming that survive basically upon sheer aggression and weapon skills. A team like Astralis may use convoluted strategies, but the benefits from this are minimal if they go up against a team that can put them down every time in a straight out firefight. Accurate aiming is perhaps the best way to advance through the CSGO rankings. It goes without saying that there’s an element of genius to being the ‘best in the world’ with a CSGO weapon, and the tips here will only help you advance through the CSGO rankings if you have some basic ability to start with, but that said, here are tips that will help you put down the opposition through accuracy and gun skill.

Survival at CSGO – a compromise between evading and dealing damage

You have not only to put down the enemy in CSGO – you have to avoid being put down yourself. This means effecting a compromise between dodging and marksmanship. Although crouching down offers the best accuracy, you become an immovable target. Now, some may argue that you are crouched and offer much less area for your opponent to attack. Right. But the areas you offer are the head and the chest, which are the ones where you take the most damage.

The compromise between accuracy and avoidance is the stutter-step

This is how it works. You run alternately to the right or left. But don’t hold to a definite pattern – sometimes run a little extra to the right or left, or a little less. Don’t be predictable. Just about the moment you change direction, or no more than a millisecond later, you shoot your salvo at the enemy. By running I of course do not mean a few steps but really only for the moment it takes to press the button. This requires a lot of practice. But this is exactly what all pros do.

Do not look at the ground

If you are on a flat level, keep your crosshair horizontal. One often sees beginners keeping the crosshair inclined slightly downwards. That is not recommended. If you run up or down a ramp, you will see the angle at which the ramp is tilting or rising higher. Knowing this brings us to the next point.

Aiming in CSGO

Place your crosshair where you expect the opponent to be

Pros who rise rapidly in the CSGO rankings know that victory or death in CSGO is measured in milliseconds. This means that you must keep your crosshair (at head height) on the places where you think there could be an opponent around a corner. If you do this, you do not have to drag the mouse anywhere, but just have to click and shoot when an opponent arrives. This saves you a lot of time – time in which the enemy could shoot you.

Another point that distinguishes the normal player from the highly ranked professional is effective aiming. You have to imagine this as retaining the ball in football. If you look with your crosshair at a point where no opponent could come, then you no longer have the ball in your possession. That brings us to a crucial tip. Look, not with your eyes, but with your crosshair. Most players’ looks instinctively go in the right direction, but only pros remember to direct their crosshairs there as well.

Advance through the pro CSGO rankings with preemptive shots

When you peek around a corner, it’s usually a good idea to shoot one or two shots in the direction of the spot you are looking at. If there really is an adversary there and you’ve practiced it enough that you can blindly click at head height, you can shoot people before you really see them. Preemptive shots are done without actually aiming. Turn the corner and shoot immediately before the eye can tell whether there is an opponent there or not. Being able to fire before most people would even begin to aim is a good way to improve your CSGO rankings.

Using the different CSGO weapons effectively

If you stand in front of a wall, aiming at the wall, and shooting a gun until the magazine is empty, you will see a pattern on the wall with all automatic weapons. This pattern is called the recoil pattern, and is due to the fact that you can never keep the weapon absolutely stable while you are in continuous fire. In order to counteract this, you must basically only memorize the course of the recoil and actually move your gun in exactly the opposite pattern. On the AK-47 or M4 the recoil pattern looks T-shaped. It goes up, to the left and then to the right. If you are only a few steps away from your opponent, the chances increase that you can rapidly put him down with continuous fire just as effectively as with a carefully targeted salvo. Therefore, it makes sense to learn to control a weapon on continuous fire.

How to shoot properly with the AK-47

The AK-47 is a deadly and an accurate weapon with the first shots. I recommend a salvo of two to three shots, aiming not at the head but at the neck. The recoil slips slightly up in the first three shots. With three shots aimed at the neck, there’s an extremely high probability that you will rapidly put down an opponent with a shot that hits the head as the recoil forces the weapon upwards. The AK-47 ALWAYS kills with a direct hit to the head. The AK-47 is really one of the most practical weapons in the game. That’s something you need to bear in mind if you want to move up in the CSGO rankings.

How to shoot properly with the M4

The M4 has a much more accurate recoil pattern, and is easier to control. But here too, I recommend a salvo of three or four shots to the neck. The M4 kills with a shot to the head if the opponent does not have a helmet. With a helmet, you only need to shoot him once more anywhere else on the body with the next shot to put him down.

Recoil Pattern in CSGO

With the Glock

The Glock is a weapon that should not be underestimated. By delivering its shots in a burst, an instant salvo of three rounds, it is instantly deadly in close combat. All three shots have to land in the head. You should always weigh whether it makes more sense to shoot in a burst or on semi-automatic. For example, if you are going up or down narrow stairs, the distance to opponents who might be approaching is very small. Here you should always use the burst.

With the P2000

The P2 is highly targeted and efficient. It always kills with two shots to the head. That is its advantage over the Glock. The downside is the small magazine. However, the careful pro player, who keeps his nerve and aims carefully, can easily lay out two consecutive opponents. Be careful. If you empty your magazine on one opponent, his partner could easily put you down immediately afterwards.

With the Deagle

We’ve covered this in the tutorial on buying strategies for CSGO pro play.

With the AWP

With the exception of the feet, the AWP kills wherever it hits the target. Therefore, if you’re an AWPer, you need to train to make every shot a hit. Otherwise, if an opponent happens to get you into close combat, you’re just about finished. Your opponent could wait until you make a shot and then storm your position. You’re dead in the time it take you to chamber another round. Dying while reloading is no way to enhance your CSGO rankings. When using the AWP at extreme range, you’ll have to zoom in on the enemy and either let him run into your crosshairs or develop a sense of how to target the opponent with the shortest aiming period. The time between aiming and firing should be kept as low as at all possible.

Aiming requires you to use instinct, rather than a purely mechanical method

Look through the scope with a simple zoom until an opponent shows, then track, aim and fire, relying on gut feeling. When shooting, you have to stand absolutely still for a moment, or else a hit is not guaranteed. If your opponent happens to stand still in your sights for a moment, or tries to disarm a bomb, you should aim more carefully to land a sure hit. This ‘gut feeling’ will get better with each shot you make. At some point you just have it in your blood, and know exactly how far you have to move your mouse before you trigger your shot. Pros who advance rapidly through the CSGO rankings use instinct, not mechanical aiming.

With the P90

The P90 is a Storm and Support Fire Weapon. If you do not empty your magazine too quickly, you can mess up your opponents’ strategy and keep them pinned down for a reasonable amount of time, waiting for your magazine to empty so that they do not run through your hail of bullets. It is an excellent melee weapon. Since it also has a good controllable recoil while running, you should use this to make it harder for your opponents to keep moving. Know your weapon, and what it can and cannot do, and use that to your advantage. This is the best way to advance through the CSGO rankings.

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