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Prime Picks for Day 1 of the Perfect World Shanghai Minor - Esportsranks
Prime Picks for Day 1 of the Perfect World Shanghai Minor

Perfect World’s Shanghai Minor is set to officially kick off just a few hours from now and with as many as 10 matches scheduled for Day 1 alone, picking out which ones are worth risking on can be too much for even the most ardent of supporters.

With that said, let us help make things easier for you by giving you a quick rundown of the prime picks for today’s group stage matches at the Shanghai Minor.

Team Secret vs LGD Gaming (SGT 10:00)

Shanghai Minor

Image via Team Secret

Between Vici Gaming vs SG e-sportswhich will most likely end up being a sweep in the favour of Vici Gaming despite the supposed evidence to the contrary, and the matchup between Team Secret and LGD Gamingyou’re better off paying close attention to this battle of titans.

While it’s true that you won’t make bank with these two teams, you can make a quick buck or two.

Betting: Team Secret vs LGD Gaming to draw at 1.93 odds (ggbet)

LFY vs CompLexity Gaming (SGT 12:30)

LFY are, hands-down, one of the most talented teams in the world with far more experience performing at the game’s highest level compared to CompLexity GamingHowever, you could say the same for Newbeeand we all know how their matchup against Kyle ‘melonzz‘ Freedman and his team at the Starladder Minor turned out.

Given their excellent performance at the Qualifiers and in their single Pro Circuit LAN appearance this season, as well as their tendency to pull off an upset or two, you could do a whole lot worse than risking a sweep going in the favour of CompLexity Gaming in this particular matchup.

Betting: CompLexity Gaming to go 2-0 vs LFY at 8.5 odds (ggbet)

Vici Gaming vs Vega Squadron (SGT 15:00)

Shanghai Minor

Image via Vega Squadron

A fringe Tier 1 team at best, Vega Squadron would be lucky to even make it anywhere near the Top 4. But, who knows? We’ve seen upsets happens many times before, and with Murielle ‘Kipspul‘ Huisman coaching the team, rest assured that the sharks have done their homework.

As perhaps the strongest dark horse candidates playing at the Shanghai Minor, Vega Squadron are definitely one to keep an eye on as they try to make the most out of their first and only Pro Circuit LAN appearance so far this season.

Betting: Vega Squadron to draw against Vici Gaming at 2.6 odds (ggbet)

CompLexity Gaming vs Vega Squadron (SGT 20:00)

Shanghai Minor

Image via Vega Squadron

While CompLexity Gaming are no strangers to fighting teams who prefer to go full davai — they’ve gone up against Immortals multiple times in the NA Qualifiers this season — Vega Squadron could still give them fits. And, given their tendency to throw winnable games, CompLexity Gaming will definitely have their hands full against Vega Squadron. 

Betting: Vega Squadron to go 2-0 against CompLexity Gaming at 11 odds (ggbet)

For more information about the Perfect World Masters Shanghai Minor, be sure to check out their official website

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