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Prime Picks for Day 1 of ESL One Genting 2018 - Esportsranks
Prime Picks for Day 1 of ESL One Genting 2018

The opening rounds of ESL One Genting 2018 will treat us to a smorgasbord of best-of-one games highlighted by none other than the LFY vs Newbee matchup, followed by even more best-of-three series to end the day.

With sixteen teams in attendance and a double-elimination group stages, the first ever Dota 2 Minor in Malaysia looks to be an action-packed event. Below, we’ve handpicked a few select matches for tomorrow that we believe are prime pickings for those looking to make bank.

CompLexity Gaming vs Fnatic (12:00 NN MYT)

LFY vs Newbee

Image via Fnatic

CompLexity Gaming’s spurtability as a team makes them a good pick when it comes to best-of-ones. Not again Fnatic, though. Specifically, not against Abed ‘Azel‘ Yusop. Ever since the 10K MMR player rose to fame at The International 2016 with his vaunted Meepo pick that eliminated CompLexity Gaming, he’s won more often than he’s lost when he has found himself matched against Kyle ‘Kyle‘ Freedman and company, regardless of which team he’s been on.

To be fair, though, the threat of Abed going ham on Meepo makes them well worth a look against pretty much anyone in a one-game series.

Betting: Fnatic to win at 1.80 odds. (10bet)


ViCi Gaming vs VGJ.Thunder (13:10 PM MYT)

LFY vs Newbee

Image via Team VGJ

ViCi Gaming are, no doubt, the better team here. They may not have won a tournament just yet this season, but VGJ.Thunder’s win at Galaxy Battles does come with a caveat: Evil Geniuses were the only legitimate contenders on the tournament lineup. But hey, a win is a win, and Bai ‘rOtK‘ Fan drafting for the team seems to be working well for them so far, while Pan ‘Fade‘ Yi looks like he’s set to be the next superstar 4 to hail from China.

With the ever-so-consistent Liu ‘Sylar‘ Jiajun in good form and Liu ‘Kamma/Freeze‘ Chang brimming with confidence, there’s enough reason to believe that VGJ.Thunder will be able to pull off an upset against ViCi Gaming.

Betting: VGJ.Thunder to win at 2.48 odds. (ArcaneBet)


LFY vs Newbee (15:30 PM MYT)

LFY vs Newbee

Image via LGD Gaming

This LFY vs Newbee series is, by no means, the same matchup that pretty much decided Team Liquid’s win at The International 7. Gone now is Xie ‘Super‘ Junhao, replaced by the more flashy Ou ‘Op‘ Peng, at least for the mean time. LFY also hasn’t exactly had an ideal start to their season, having faced chemistry problems and generally just falling off after placing 3rd in Seattle back in August.

Even if that’s the case, LFY are still well worth risking on here. Why? For starters, because Op is no stranger to playing second fiddle to a superstar core. Though Du ‘Monet‘ Peng is no Burning, their styles shouldn’t have a problem meshing, making them an intriguing if risky pick to win tomorrow’s matchup against Newbee.

Betting: LFY to win at 2.33 odds (Arcanebet)


Our predictions are based off on careful analyses and consideration of previous matchups between both teams. We are, by no means, liable for any financial losses that may be incurred while following our advise.

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