Shifting odds offer high yields this week in the Overwatch League

With two of the four stages done in the Overwatch League, the Atlantic Division have already seized five of the six available slots. Seoul Dynasty are the only team from the Pacific Division to rank among the top six. However, two stages still remain in this event, which means that each team still has twenty matches left to play. These matches just may change the rankings at this event.

There are some matches offering excellent odds in this week, while other matches offer sure wins at odds that are still reasonably profitable. Here are the best matches of the week, and you can put a stake on whichever match your instincts favour.

Double your Stake in the Overwatch League

Philadelphia Fusion (PHI) Vs Boston Uprising (BOS)

PHI put up an epic fight in the title matches that they played against LDN and NYE. While no one could have foreseen their brilliant plays, those plays have placed PHI among the best Overwatch teams for the immediate future. We don’t of course, mean to imply that BOS are a team to be underestimated, with them having overcome plenty of competent teams in the previous stages of this event.

However, the map pool has been changed once again for this stage of the event, and BOS do seem to have the advantage with the current map pool. This holds true especially for the maps selected for this match. BOS play exceptionally well in two of the four maps selected for this encounter, and also have the upper hand in the overtime map, Oasis.

BOS certainly have the best chance to win this, but PHI’s exceptional plays in the title matches earlier have raised the odds being offered on BOS to an exceptional 2.72, even though this match is entirely in their favour.

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A Sure Win in the Overwatch League

New York Excelsior (NYE) Vs London Spitfire (LDN)

This is a very interesting match. After all, it’s a showdown between the two biggest names in the first week. However, the new map pool is going to change the odds at this match. NYE are very dominating, of course, and have dominated in just about every stage. They seem to have the upper hand here as well, since they have much better win rates in every match chosen for this encounter, except for one. We’ve seen that NYE are all but unbeatable in their best maps, and because they face a team of LDN’s stature, we’re still getting odds of 1.60 on them for what is certainly a sure win.

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A Sure Win in the Overwatch League

London Spitfire (LDN) Vs Houston Outlaws (HOU)

There have been significant changes in the playing styles of a good number of teams in stage three. This is because teams that had earlier made additions to their rosters now brought those new players into the game. LDN and NYE especially are going to dominate their encounters with just about any other team. Besides this, LDN are exceptionally good in the map pool selected for this encounter, at least as compared to HOU. HOU are competent in just one map, and if the match goes into overtime – and that’s a very big if – LDN excel in the map chosen for that as well. Despite this encounter being so one sided, one can still get odds of 1.25 on LDN, which is really very good for an absolutely certain win.

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Houston Outlaws (HOU) Vs Boston Uprising (BOS)

The odds on these teams are just about equal, and are presently running at about 1.85. However, we can get a sense of how this encounter is going to go by seeing how competent or dominant each team is in each of the maps chosen here. The first map to be played is the Temple of Anubis, and BOS are very good in it. Next on the list is Numbani, and HOU tend to dominate there.

Both these teams have a fifty percent win rate in Nepal, and HOU are far better than BOS in Junkertown. This means that HOU tend to dominate in two of the slated maps, and are equal to BOS in at least one. However, the map chosen for overtime is in BOS’ favour, so if the encounter goes that far, BOS are likely to win. However, this is a likely win for HOU if they don’t let things slide that far.

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Image Credit: Overwatch

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