Predictions for the Overwatch League as NYE Take the Top Spot

Seoul Dynasty have lost their top spot in the Overwatch League. They have been pushed to second place by New York Excelsior. Both teams fought against each other on day one of week four. They were equally matched, and the game went into overtime before finally being won by NYE.

The good news is that New York Excelsior now have just three matches left to play, and they have already fought their toughest battles. Winning against Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant isn’t going to be hard for NYE. That’s not something that can be said of Seoul Dynasty, with two of their remaining matches being against London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws. If you’d like to bet on the Overwatch League this week, here are some really good upcoming matches to bet upon.

Los Angeles Valiant (VAL) Vs Boston Uprising (BOS) –

Double your stake in the Overwatch League

Boston Uprising may not be the best team here, but there are hardly the worst either. VAL have problems going up against BOS, especially in Volakaya Industries and Route 66. This is because BOS have never lost in these maps before and VAL have lost half or more of their matches on these maps. VAL’s only hopes are Lijiang Tower and King’s Row, where VAL have a better win rate as compared to BOS. Boston have odds of 2.62 running on them, which are excellent. Of course, VAL are a strong team, but they do tend to go down before strong opposition if the maps are against them. That’s what’s likely to happen here in the Overwatch League.

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Seoul Dynasty (SEO) Vs London Spitfire (LDN)

Double your stake in the Overwatch League

There is no doubt that both of these are very strong teams, but they still do have their weaknesses. LDN have already had two losses, and one more will put them in definite danger zone, preventing them from taking part in the playoffs of stage two. LDN do have a hundred percent win rate in two of the slated maps, but they are very poor in the remaining two. LDN’s advantage here is that SEO are actually better than them in just one map. It’s quite clear that enough of the maps are in LDN’s favour to guarantee a win. With the odds on them running at 2.10, this gives you an opportunity for a reasonable investment.

London Spitfire in the Overwatch League

Image Credit: London Spitfire

San Francisco Shock (SFS) Vs Houston Outlaws (HOU) – A Sure Win

Going against HOU at this stage is just what SFS could do without. SFS have won just two matches out of the six that they played in this stage, and they might lose this one as well. SFS are hardly as good as HOU, and to make things worse, SFS were unable to adapt to the new map pool in stage two. This is a good opportunity for HOU to rise in the rankings at the Overwatch League and they’re unlikely to let it pass. Of course, the match is rather one sided, but the odds on HOU are running at 1.33, which are certainly reasonable for a sure win.

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Florida Mayhem (FLA) Vs Los Angeles Valiant (VAL) – A Sure Win

There’s just no way that FLA could defeat VAL here. The maps selected for the match are Hanamura, Nepal, Hollywood and Route 66. Among these, Hanamura is FLA’s best map, upon which they have a win rate… of just twenty five prevent. FLA have never won at all in any of the remaining maps. On the other hand, VAL have a win rate of at least fifty percent in these maps. If this match goes into overtime VAL have a win rate of eighty three percent in Ilios. VAL have odds of 1.30 running on them for this match, which is an opportunity to make up for any recent losses with a sure win.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Valiant

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