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Predictions for the ESEA Global Challenge Finals - Esportsranks
Predictions for the ESEA Global Challenge Finals

The Semifinals are over and Space Soldiers and AGO Gaming will face each other in the ESEA Finals. Interestingly enough, these teams have already faced each other once in the group matches. AGO Gaming and Space Soldiers were in Group A, and fought against each other in the Winners’ Final. The match was a best of one, and AGO Gaming managed to defeat Space Soldiers. This was the very first time that these two teams faced each other, even though both are European teams.

What happened in the ESEA Group Matches?

It seems Space Soldiers are a trifle weak on strategy, and prefer to rely upon combat skill. We’ve seen Space Soldiers repeatedly fail to take advantage of picks and bans. As an example, we saw that in their match against Ago Gaming, they failed to ban Nuke. This was rather inexplicable, since Space Soldiers have made a regular thing of banning Nuke in the past. Nuke is hardly one of Ago Gaming’s strong points either. At the end of the bans, Ago Gaming finally banned Nuke, which left Cobblestone in play for the match, which was pretty much a disaster for Space Soldiers, and in which they lost by five rounds.

AGO Gaming crushed Ghost Academy in excellent form

The best of three set between AGO Gaming and Ghost Academy could be said to be one the shortest best of three sets ever played. Ghost Academy somehow made it to the Semifinals after defeating SoaR Gaming in a second overtime. This was the first time that Ghost Academy defeated SoaR Gaming in any match. But their skills were no match for AGO Gaming. The first match between AGO Gaming and Ghost Academy was in Train and Ghost Academy won a miserable two rounds in the entire match. The next match was in Overpass and Ghost managed to score five rounds there. AGO Gaming have not yet lost a single match at this event.

Space Soldiers had to fight hard to get to the ESEA Finals

While AGO Gaming had an easy win in the semifinals, Space Soldiers have had a very hard time battling eXtatus. Space Soldiers lost their first match against eXtatus. The map was Overpass and eXtatus took a five round lead in the first half. Even though Space Soldiers played very well in the second half, they still lost the match by four rounds. Space Soldiers staged a comeback in Mirage, and defeated eXtatus by seven rounds. The third map was Inferno, which is supposedly Space Soldiers best map with a hundred percent win rate. Everything was in Space Soldiers’ favor, but they still lost the first half by one round. However, that was when they were playing as Counter Terrorists. It seems they do better as Terrorists. Playing as Terrorists, Space Soldiers gave eXtatus just five rounds in the second half and made it to the Finals to face AGO Gaming once again.

Image Credit: Geforce Cup

Can AGO Gaming defeat Space Soldiers in the ESEA Finals?

AGO Gaming are hardly new to best of three matches. They have played sixteen best of three matches with their current lineup, but have won  a mere half of those. On the other hand, Space Soldiers have played ten best of three matches offline and have won all of them. That’s quite right, folks, Space Soldiers have never lost a best of three offline match with their current lineup. Even teams like Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming have failed to beat Space Soldiers in best of three matches. There is no doubt that Space Soldiers have a very good chance of a win here.

Which team has the better map pool?

Both these teams never play Nuke. This means that Nuke is sure to be banned. Space Soldiers have played Inferno four times and never lost a single match there. The same goes for Cache. They have played Cache six time without a loss. AGO Gaming are also reasonably good in Cache, having lost just one match out of five, but they are miserable in Inferno, with just one win and four losses. AGO Gaming are a little better than Space Soldiers in Mirage and Train. Both the teams have a fifty percent win rate in Overpass, and we’ve seen AGO Gaming defeat Space Soldiers in Cobblestone. The map pools of both these teams are more or less equal.

Who have a better chance to win here?

Space Soldiers have the better win rate when compared to AGO Gaming. While AGO Gaming have a sixty two percent win rate in LAN matches, Space Soldiers have a seventy four percent win rate. Combine that with the fact that Space Soldiers have never lost a best of three in an offline event. Another pointer is that, unlike Space Soldiers, AGO Gaming have never able to defeat tier one teams. It is true that Space Soldiers did lose against AGO Gaming once, but there is no way this team will play in the Finals as casually as they did in the group matches. The odds are running at 2.07 on Space Soldiers, which are great odds for a big win, so bet on Space Soldiers.

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