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A Slew of Wins at Good Odds at the CS_Summit 2 - Esportsranks
A Slew of Wins at Good Odds at the CS_Summit 2

There are good odds today on several matches as the balance of power shifts at the CS_Summit 2. North’s brand new lineup featuring ex-Astralis superstar Kjaerbye goes into action today against Vega Squadron in the CS_Summit 2. There have been a lot of dramatic changes at this event, starting with the withdrawal of one of the most determined teams in the CS:GO universe, mousesports. They were replaced by Heroic.

Optic Gaming, who seem to be having some serious internal issues, have also forfeited the event, and been replaced by Torqued. In another interesting development, Ninjas in Pyjamas coach THREAT has left their team, and been replaced by pita. Finally, in an astounding decision, Team Liquid has benched jdm64, and have replaced him with NAF. With all this in mind, here are predictions for some good matches today.

Cloud9 Vs Heroic – A Sure Win at good odds

Cloud9 are getting excellent odds here, at 1.31, for what is, for all practical purposes, a sure win. The team were recently put down hard by SK Gaming in the finals of the WESG, and the CS_Summit 2 gives them a chance at payback, as SK Gaming are the defending champions here. Heroic are a good team, but tend to go under in a best of three. Cloud9 are in luck, with an easy win, and so are Esportsranks bettors, with the odds on them providing for very reasonable winnings.

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BIG Vs AGO Gaming

While AGO Gaming are not the best team in the CS:GO cosmos, BIG are missing two core members of their roster, and there’s no way AGO Gaming are going down before them today. With the odds on AGO running at 1:40, this is a good chance to bring a reasonable infusion of funds to your betting pool. A reasonable stake on AGO Gaming offers good earnings here.

 North Vs Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron are performing in excellent form, as they so well demonstrated in the ELEAGUE, even putting down the redoubtable FaZe Clan once, and almost winning against G2 Esports. While Vega made it to tenth place, North had to be satisfied with fifteenth. Vega Squadron defeated North in a straight fight in the ELEAGUE, winning by six rounds. However, times change, and with two of the players on North’s roster replaced by some potentially very hard hitters like Kjaerbye, this is an excellent chance to win at good odds, presently running at about 1.42 on North. Note that while Vega Squadron could win here, North’s new roster has a good chance of putting down the opposition.

Kjaerbye of Astralis Moves to North

Image Credit: Astralis

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs Team Liquid

Ninjas in Pyjamas are in action again this year, and against no less a team than Team Liquid. However, this is a Team Liquid that lacks jdm64, that cool, collected killer who has saved their bacon more than once at long odds. It’s going to be hard for them to go up against a team like Ninjas in Pyjamas without him, who have often shown how effectively they can take advantage of an opposing team’s weaknesses. There’s not much hope for Liquid here, as they are especially weak against top European teams. If you like good odds, they’re running at 1.62 on Ninjas in Pyjamas, so put your trust in them, and rake in the winnings.

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subtLe Vs Mask Off

Excellent odds here, running at 1.70, on subtLe. Sure, we didn’t see very impressive performances from subtLe in the WESG, but you must remember that they went up against some very big names there, which Mask Off are not. Mask Off are likely to go down here, and at such good odds, even a small stake would reap reasonable rewards.

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.