Predicting the Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos

This is the last day of this event, and besides the Finals, we’ll be looking at a ‘decider match’ to see which team holds third place at this event. So let’s get down to predicting the winner of ESG Tour Mykonos.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the Semi Finals, to see what battles were fought so that the winning teams could stand in the Finals.

Mousesports vs (2-1)

These were BO3 matches, where the maps Cache, Overpass and Train were chosen for the battle. This was the first time Cache was selected in this event.

After two easy victories in Upper Bracket Matches, were extremely confident. In their first match, playing Counter Terrorists, defeated mousesports 16-14.

In the next match mousesports won the first half 9-6 as Counter Terrorists. They were even more effective as Terrorists, quickly ending the second half by winning the first 7 rounds, not giving a chance at all. Mousesports won 16-6.

The third battle was as intense as the first. This time it was that won the first half as Terrorists 9-6. They only needed 7 more rounds to win. But mousesports really seem to dominate as Terrorists. They managed to win 10 rounds in Train to’s 5. The match ended with mousesports winning 16-14.

Mousesports is in the Final.

Team Liquid vs SK Gaming (2-0)

Where SK Gaming are concerned, things have gone from being unpredictable to just plain weird. How is it possible that a team that is all-but-invulnerable in online events, is always crushed by just about any other team in offline events.

We leave possible answers to that to the gaming and betting fraternity.

Whatever the reason for SK Gaming’s ‘genius’ in online events, they followed an established pattern in this offline event, and were defeated by Team Liquid. Team Liquid didn’t even have to play all 30 rounds against SK Gaming. In the first map, Inferno, Team Liquid won 16-12, while in Cobblestone they won 16-10.

Team Liquid thus take their place in the Finals.

The losing teams will play against each other in a Decider match for third place.

Predicting the Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2 -ESG Tour

Image Credit: ESG Tour

Predicting the Winner – The Decider Match

The day will start with facing SK Gaming in a decider match. The match will start today at 13:30 CEST. is likely to win, as SK Gaming seems to be unable to hold their own against any reasonably competent team in an offline event.

If SK Gaming wins, we’re ready to eat our proverbial hat.

Predicting the Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 3 SK Gaming

Image Credit: HLTV

Predicting the Winner – The Finals

The Grand Finals will be between mousesports and Team Liquid. The match will be BO5 and it will start at 17:00 CEST.

These two teams have survived an event full of top-tier teams, and that’s no mean achievement. Both teams have made some very good plays in this event.

The current mousesports roster looks both confident and effective. The alterations in their roster have certainly worked for them. Mousesports is likely to win the event.

This is because they are currently playing at the top of their form. Secondly, North American teams have a tendency to lose against European teams in offline events.

Let’s see if Team Liquid can prove that axiom wrong.

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