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Predicting which ELEAGUE Teams will Reach the Finals - Esportsranks
Predicting which ELEAGUE Teams will Reach the Finals

The ELEAGUE makes each of the stages of their event sound pretty exciting. Instead of simply calling the different stages, the qualifiers, group matches and playoffs, they call them the Challengers, Legends and Champions stages, which somehow does make a team’s advance to each new level more meaningful. Eight ELEAGUE teams have moved into the playoffs, or the Champions Stage. FaZe Clan have been playing well since they advanced through the Legends stage, while G2 have not lost a single match all through the event.

Other teams now in the Champions stage are Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, Quantum Bellator Fire, mousesports, Cloud9 and Fnatic. Astralis and Gambit were crushed in the Legends Stage, and did not make the playoffs.

Special mentions

Natus Vincere and Quantum Bellator Fire rate a special mention here, not because they are the most likely ELEAGUE teams to win this event, but because of how exceptionally they’ve been playing at the start of this new year as compared to their previous form.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere now stand eleventh in the world rankings, and have shown massive improvement in play since they added electronic to their roster. This new Natus Vincere have played four best of three matches and won all of them. However, only one of those was against a top-tier team. While that is nevertheless an excellent record, if s1mple keeps playing support, this team have little to no hope of qualifying for the semifinals.

Na’Vi’s strong maps

Na’Vi have played Cobblestone once, winning it against mousesports. They have played Inferno eight times, winning it seven times, followed by Overpass with three wins and one loss. Train is their fourth best map, with two wins and one loss, followed by Nuke with one win and loss. Mirage happens to be their weakest map, with just one win and two losses.

ELEAGUE Teams - Natus Vincere

Image Credit: Natus Vincere

Quantum Bellator Fire

No one dreamed that Quantum Bellator Fire would clear the Challengers stage, let alone qualify for the Champions stage. In the process they managed to defeat ELEAGUE teams like Flash Gaming, Team EnVyUs, AVANGAR, Virtus.pro, Gambit Esports and mousesports. However, they were not too effective against FaZe Clan and G2 Esports. The team have played six best of three matches, with four wins and two losses, which gives them a sixty six percent win rate in best of three matches.

They have never lost a match in Train and Nuke. Inferno is their most played map, with six wins and three losses. They are also quite good in Cobblestone, with two wins out of three matches played. They have managed to win and lose two matches each in Mirage. Cache is their worst map, with just one win out of five matches played. While they’ve put out an exceptional performance here, it’s hardly likely that they will actually go on to win the ELEAGUE. They are currently ranked twenty fifth in the world rankings.

Top Pro ELEAGUE Teams

Here are the teams that have real potential to win the ELEAGUE, in order of their likelihood of winning the Event. One clue to that is which team has had the most recent success in best of threes, playing with their current lineup.

FaZe Clan

Fans are voting FaZe the favorite to win the ELEAGUE this season. There’s good reason for that. SK Gaming, while they are still putting out excellent plays, just aren’t playing in their best form without boltz on their roster, something that everyone predicted, but which the ELEAGUE management ignored. This gives FaZe an excellent chance of a win here, especially as they have a very good track record in best of threes, and that’s just what the Champions stage will be. FaZe have won eighty percent of the best of threes that they have played with their current roster.

FaZe’s map pool

Cache seems to be their best map with an eighty six percent win rate, followed by Mirage, with eight four percent, and Overpass, with eighty five percent. They are also very effective in Inferno, with a seventy three percent chance of a win. Their win rate in Train is just fifty percent. Nuke and Cobblestone are definite weaknesses for FaZe, with them having a win rate of just twenty five percent in Nuke, and never having won a match in Cobblestone. They are still the second best team in the world.

ELEAGUE Teams - FaZe Clan

Image Credit: FaZe Clan


Mousesports have earned the respect of fans and analysts alike in the last year. They proved that they could go toe to two with FaZe Clan in the finals of the ECS. FaZe Clan barely won that event. Mousesports have played sixteen best of three matches with their current roster, and won twelve of them. This gives them a seventy five percent chance of winning a best of three. They have also won a best of five against Team Liquid, when they won the ESG Tour Mykonos. They have a wide map pool, and have just a single weakness.

Mousesports completely dominate in Nuke, and have proved several times that it is near impossible for an opposing team to go up against them in Nuke and win. Mousesports have a win rate of an astounding ninety one percent in Nuke. Their second best map is Overpass, with a seventy five percent win rate. They have a sixty percent win rate in Train and Cobblestone. They are also quite good in Mirage, with a win rate of fifty three percent, and in Cache. with fifty percent win rate. Winning a match in Inferno has been always a struggle for them, though, and that makes this map the only weak link in an otherwise strong map pool. Their win rate in Inferno is a mere seventeen percent. Mousesports rank seventh in the global rankings.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports have performed incredibly well in both the previous stages of the event. They have still not lost a single match in this event, and now they can afford no losses. This is because the New Champions stage of the ELEAGUE offers no second chances. G2 are playing with the same lineup since January of last year. Since then, they have participated in twenty three best of three matches, winning seventeen of them. G2 Esports have a seventy four percent win rate in best of three offline matches. They even managed to win one best of five. G2 Esports are competent at all the maps in the official map pool, which gives them an excellent chance to win the ELEAGUE.

Nuke is their best map, with a seventy eight percent win rate. They are very good in Cobblestone, with sixty five percent, in Mirage with sixty two percent, and in Cache, with sixty percent. The three maps they are least good at playing still have reasonable win rates. Inferno has fifty nine percent, Train fifty eight percent, and Overpass fifty one percent. Since the start of the ELEAGUE, they have climbed the global rankings and currently rank as the fourth best team in the world.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming may currently be the top team in the global rankings, but they are number four on our list of possible winners of the ELEAGUE. The reason for this is, of course, that boltz is missing from the event. However, SK Gaming still do reasonably well with felps on their roster. They have, out of twenty five best of three matches played, won eighteen, which gives them a win rate of seventy two percent. They have also won a best of five. This means that they’re definitely capable of winning the event without boltz.

Their poor performance here seems to be psychological, more than anything. Perhaps they counted on the ELEAGUE letting boltz play until the last minute, and are now hard hit that he’s not. In any case, they seem to lack confidence in their play, and that’s hitting them just as hard as anything.

Cobblestone is still their best map with an eighty five percent win rate. Mirage  is their second best map, with an eighty percent win rate. They have a seventy percent win rate in Overpass, sixty four percent in Cache and sixty percent in Inferno. They are also reasonably effective in Train, with a fifty seven percent win rate. Nuke is their weakest map. They could still win the event, of course, but the chances of that aren’t as good as if they were playing with their usual style and panache.

ELEAGUE Teams - SK Gaming

Image Credit: SK Gaming


Cloud9 are hardly likely to win this event, and have an unimpressive win rate in best of threes with their current roster. Out of fifteen best of three matches, Cloud9 managed to win nine, which gives them a sixty percent win rate. Obviously the team isn’t weak, and they do have one of the best new CS:GO players on their roster. While they perhaps just need more experience, they nevertheless stand fifth in the global rankings.

They never play Nuke, and can’t really be called competent at Overpass, with a win rate of twenty five percent. However, they can be relied upon when playing the other maps. They seem to do very well in Mirage, with twelve wins and four losses. Train is their one of their strongest maps, with eleven wins and five losses. They have also won five matches in Inferno, and four in Cobblestone out of eight matches played in each. They also seem to be good in Cache with a sixty percent win rate. However, they remain one of the ELEAGUE teams least likely to win this event.


The mighty have fallen indeed when Fnatic have put out perhaps the poorest showing of all the ELEAGUE teams that managed to reach the Champions Stage. And yes, they do seem to be performing worse than Natus Vincere and Quantum Bellator Fire. Out of the seven best of three matches they have played, they won just three, giving them a fairly miserable win rate of just forty percent. If they continue to play this way they will soon be unable to rank with the top ten teams on the planet – something they’ve never really had a problem doing before. It seems they made a serious mistake dropping olofmeister and dennis. Don’t look for them in the last matches of the event, and above all, don’t put a stake on them, unless you believe that supporting betting sites ranks as a charitable cause.

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