Potential Kai’Sa, Ezreal Nerfs and Taliyah, Yasuo Buffs Coming Before LoL Patch 8.12

With the recent LoL Patch 8.11 changes, most ADCs were hit hard. They saw their winrates go down faster than they could say “it was the jungler’s fault”. However, Riot doesn’t seem pleased with the changes yet. The basic underlying idea is that while the critical chance items that received nerfs were meant to affect all ADCs, some of them weren’t dependent on those items. Among such champions are Kai’Sa and Ezreal.

Personally, it feels like Miss Fortune is in a great spot too right now. The ADC nerfs mean that Kai’Sa, Ezreal and similar champions have a much easier time in lane, and reach their item power-spikes much faster than their peers. Ezreal is now rushing the Blade of the Ruined King, while Kog’Maw and Kai’Sa can easily reach their Guinsoo’s Rageblade without much hindrance.

Crit ADCs are feeling the burn

In comparison, champions that relied on crit have begun to feel some real pain. Vayne is one such example. Her early game had been suffering for a few patches now, ever since she received a much needed nerf to her kit. Now, she feels extremely underwhelming, and even pros who main her, like Gosu, have stated that she’s terrible to play right now.

Vayne might be an extreme example, but champions like Tristana, Caitlyn and Xayah aren’t faring too well either. They don’t receive their mid-game spike till much later than they used to. Now that ADCs have had their armour cut down, and are missing the healing they got from Fleet Footwork (which was also nerfed in LoL Patch 8.11), their laning phase is absolute hell. They don’t reach a point of usefulness till they’ve got an Infinite Edge and two Zeal items.

Stormrazor is less useful than expected

This new item received a lot of hype due to its passive, which allowed a champion to critically strike after 3 seconds of being out of combat. Everyone looked to Jhin for this item, looking at his playstyle. Riot themselves even mentioned that they had Jhin in mind for this item. Yet, the item is underwhelming at best, and lethality items are serving our favourite serial killer far better right now.

Other than Jhin, no other ADC seems to have found a use for this item. By the time it’s complete, stronger opponents like Kai’Sa or Lucian will have built a core item which allows them to do more than just poking for some extra damage. A Guinsoo’s Rageblade costs around the same as a Stormrazor but is far more impactful than the latter.

Riot is hell-bent on nerfing the AD Carry role

Instead of buffing the champions who are struggling right now, the main goal seems to be to nerf the ADCs who are overperforming right now. That includes Ezreal and Kai’Sa more than anyone else. They both have great scaling, and can pretty much take off once they get a lead in the lane. Specifically, Riot talked about nerfing Kai’Sa’s passive damage (base and scaling). For Ezreal, they’re looking to cut down on his passive attack speed.

Yasuo and Taliyah’s buffs should help them out

Expectedly, Yasuo has suffered extremely due to the crit changes. Unlike ADCs, he doesn’t have any other build paths that he can go with. His passive dictates that he stays with crit items, which means that he won’t be viable unless he receives some buffs. While the majority of you would be happy to see him deleted from the game, Riot is planning on giving him some love. They’ve hinted at lowering his Q crit penalty and increasing his base AD.

As for Taliyah, nothing has been mentioned about her AoE damage on her Q. However, Riot mentioned that they might alter the damage fallout on her Q on champions for repeated hits. They also hinted at upping her base AD and E trigger damage. At the time of writing, Taliyah’s win rate on Lolalytics is 43.5, which speaks volumes about how hard the changes have hit her.

These changes aren’t guaranteed by Riot,and are merely speculation. If at all true, they may hit the Rift before LoL Patch 8.12. They might even come in with the full LoL Patch 8.12. Either way, we have plenty of time to reveal what happens next.

For more details, you can visit Riot’s original post on the matter.

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