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Planet Dog are the winners of TI7 EU Qualifiers - Esportsranks
Planet Dog are the winners of TI7 EU Qualifiers

Planet Dog, a newly formed team, took the longest possible way to make it to The International 2017. The story of a underdog team making it to TI starting from the bottom of the open qualifier is truly inspiring. This is an example of how the Dota2 competition system, despite difficulties, allow many new teams to make it to the big events. It is still fair and gives a fighting chance to all the contenders. Details of the TI7 EU Qualifiers below.

Planet Dog was formed from 4 members of ProDota Gaming after a fallout with the organisation’s owners. Swiftending, who left Elements Gaming at about the same time, joined them as they were lacking a carry. Executives at ProDota Gaming must now be scratching their heads in disbelief, while players take pride in their achievement. We can see 33’s sarcastic tweet about the subject, who was probably the best individual player throughout the qualifiers (that does not play for Team Secret).

TI7 EU Qualifiers – Planet (Under)Dog

Before we get to the teams Planet Dog has beaten in qualifier playoffs, we take a look at Wyk’s tweet. Oh, the irony.

At the start of the second phase of the qualifier, Planet Dog faced mousesports in the playoffs semifinals. They started off poorly, struggling to find their playstyle. Mousesports took advantage of this, defeating them 2-1.

Now in the lower bracket, Planet Dog was just a game away from ending their dream journey. Team Singularity won game 1 against them, but the Dogs bounced back. Night Stalker was a standard position 4 pick for them, and we saw Lycan and Weaver in the carry position. Complemented by Tide in second and Sand King in third game for crowd control, Planet Dog turned the series around 2-1.

In the losers’ finals Danish Bears were defeated pretty easily. Their SF+Silencer+Clockwork combo in both games didn’t work out against the strong kiting comp of Planet Dog. The stage was set for a Dogs vs. Mouse rematch in the TI7 EU qualifiers finals.

Bo5 – The Final Stop – Good game, well played!

As in many previous series, mousesports forced their QoP and Treant picks, while Planet Dog kept picking Night Stalker on 4/5. All 4 games had lots of kills and early action, LC was also a highly contested pick. LC was picked in each game, but the team that got it ended up losing every time.

Planet Dog took the first map, and then mouesports tied the series. In the third game Swiftending dominated on Wraith King carry, completely outplaying Madara on Lycan.

In the next game he got his hands on Lycan, backed up by Warlock support and Tide offlane. Strong teamfight comp and knowledge to pick good fights steadily built advantage for Planet Dog.

However, they had fairly week highground push, so the game lasted a bit longer than previous ones. In addition, players must have felt some pressure at the very end of such a difficult and long road, and they didnt want to throw away everything they worked for by making stupid decisions in the game they had big advantage in. Slowly but surely they took down T3 towers and eventually the racks.

The underdog team takes the hardest possible way and makes it to the biggest Dota2 event – proof that if you dream big and work hard – anything is possible!

We would like to congratulate Planet Dog for qualifying to The International 2017, and wish them the best of luck in the main event!

What about the rest of the world? See who made it thru in the NA Qualifiers.