Winning Picks for Day 1 of the WESG and GESC Indonesia Playoffs

Tomorrow, Saturday (March 17), is the best time for those looking to make bank in Dota 2 with the WESG 2017 and GESC Indonesia Playoffs set to take place simultaneously. But, with a smorgasbord of games to choose from, making the right picks won’t be easy, which is exactly why we’re here.

Read on more below as we guide you through each one of tomorrow’s matches and teach you which teams make for winning picks.

GESC Indonesia Playoffs

Natus Vincere vs Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos have so far proven in their first LAN together that they need a bit more time to mesh together properly as a team. Though they have shown flashes of brilliance, most of it has been overshadowed by long spells of inconsistent play. And while Natus Vincere aren’t exactly the champions of consistency, they’re easily the better team of the two.

Betting: Natus Vincere to win at 1.5 odds (GGbet)

The Final Tribe vs Rex Regum Qeon

One’s a pro team and the other is barely above an amateur. Discussion over. No offense to Indonesia’s finest, but this is The Final Tribe’s game to lose.

Betting: The Final Tribe to win at 1.27 odds (10bet)

WESG 2017 Playoffs

GESC Indonesia Playoffs

Image via WESG

Rock.Y vs Fire Dragoon

Don’t let Rock.Y’s first place standing in Group C fool you, they barely made it on top of arguably the weakest group in phase 2. Meanwhile, Fire Dragoon excelled against arguably better competition, losing only to Team Hellas, the former mousesports that seemed to have found new life in their reunion after breaking up late last year.

Betting: Fire Dragoon to win at 2.85 odds (10bet)

paiN Gaming vs Keen Gaming

paiN Gaming have looked scary so far, topping one of the tougher groups in Phase 2 and even splitting their series against the heavy favourites Team Russia, also known as Anti-Hype. Though Keen Gaming are no slouch, it seems that the current meta just favours paiN Gaming’s fast-paced, aggressive playstyle a bit more.

Betting: paiN Gaming to win at 2.65 odds (GGbet)

SG e-sports vs Team Russia

We’ve already seen Team Russia struggle against another South American squad, but that was a best-of-two. In a best of three, you’d take Team Russia, who are basically Virtus.Pro with the equally capable Igor ‘iLTW‘ Filatov standing in for Vladimir ‘No[o]ne’ Minenko, pretty much over most teams, even if this were a Pro Circuit tournament.

Betting: Total Maps under 2.5 (GGbet)

Team Hellas vs Ultima_Thule

The Greeks are on a roll right now, finishing both Phase 1 and 2 without dropping even a single game. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise, though. Even if they had already disbanded, the former Ad Finem / mousesports squad had already played together for more than two years, and that kind of chemistry just isn’t so easily forgotten, giving them an edge over teams that were mostly only formed for the purpose of the WESG.

Betting: Team Hellas to win at 1.45 odds (GGbet)

Which teams do you think will end up winning big tomorrow at the WESG and GESC Indonesia Playoffs? Do you think we’ll go 6-0 for the day? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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