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Prime Picks for Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals - Esportsranks
Prime Picks for Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals

In less than 24 hours, Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals will kick off and we’ve got Team Kinguin taking on CompLexity Gaming to open the day. Following this series is Virtus Pro vs Sacred, who both are playing with stand-ins in Ivan ‘Artstyle‘ Antonov and Jimmy ‘DeMoN‘ Ho. Finally, we have Evil Geniuses going up against Team Kinguin to end the day.

Of the teams playing against each other in Day 1, only Team Kinguin and CompLexity Gaming have history, and a very short one at that. These two teams battled in the lower brackets of the Perfect World Masters where CompLexity Gaming took down Team Kinguin 2-1 en route to securing a Top 4 finish in the event. The others? They haven’t played each other at all so far this season, which only adds to the intrigue.

Having said that, it’s time that we start crunching the numbers to see which are the prime picks in Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals.

CompLexity Gaming vs Team Kinguin

While Team Kinguin ultimately failed to complete their underdog run at the Perfect World Masters Minor with at least a Top 4 finish, their performance showed everyone in the world that they’re not just another Tier 2 team that lucked out to qualify for a Pro Circuit LAN. After all, taking games off of Newbee, LGD Gaming, Mineski, and even Team Secret, albeit playing with Chen ‘Cty‘ Tianyu, is no small feat.

Now comes the hard part for Team Kinguin, as they have to prove that their breakthrough performance was just a start. A win against CompLexity Gaming will put them in prime position to give Evil Geniuses a run for their money for group lead and a spot in the playoffs. However, don’t expect Kyle ‘Kyle‘ Freedman and his team to just roll over and give the Penguins that chance.

Smart Money: This series is too close to call and could go either way. Neither is particularly more aggressive than the other as well, which means “first to 10 kills” is out of the question. This leaves us with other picks, such as giving Team Kinguin a handicap of +1.5 and for the series to go to a decisive, third game.


Virtus Pro vs Sacred

Though both teams are playing with stand-ins, there’s a huge gap in skill between these two teams. Sacred are fringe contenders in a region lacking a top tier team, while Virtus Pro have been the best CIS Dota 2 team for the better part of the past two years and are Top 3 worldwide.

The result of this matchup is pretty obvious.

Smart Money: Virtus Pro have this in the bag. They’ll be the first to 10 kills, 15 kills, and 20 kills, if even the game lasts that long. In fact, it’ll be a surprise if this doesn’t turn out to be a stomp. No offense to Sacred, but Virtus Pro are too good to lose this early. And with the added motivation of not having received a direct invite to the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals despite being the back-to-back champions, Sacred absolutely stand no chance.


Evil Geniuses vs Team Kinguin

Much of the results of this matchup could depend on how well Team Kinguin does against CompLexity Gaming. If they win, they have a puncher’s chance of taking at least a game off of Evil GeniusesIf not, then expect a sweep. Although Team Kinguin are a capable team, there’s little reason to believe that the boys in blue will start finding themselves in the wrong of an upset now that they’ve finally started to gain some ground after what was a largely uninspiring start to the season.

Smart Money: Evil Geniuses to go 2-0 in a series that most likely won’t even go longer than 36 minutes per game.


These are our carefully crafted match predictions, made by a team of analysts who studied each team’s history and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals. 

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