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PGL Open Group Stage Day 1 Betting Guide - Esportsranks
PGL Open Group Stage Day 1 Betting Guide

The PGL Open Minor in Bucharest starts in less than 24 hours with LGD Gaming, Team Secret, Infamous, and Immortals facing off to see who will top Group A and be the first to qualify for the playoffs.

For the betting men out there, read on more below to find out our betting predictions for Day 1 of PGL Open.

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LGD Gaming vs Infamous

PGL Open

Image via LGD Gaming

The PGL Open will start things off with an all-too-familiar matchup between the Chinese titan that is LGD Gaming and the South American underdogs, Infamous. However, unlike what happened at the Starladder Minor — Vici Gaming lost to the 20:1 underdogs SG e-sports in a 2-0 sweep — LGD Gaming are less likely to find themselves on the wrong end of a massive upset.

For one, they’re not that heavy of a favourite — bet365 has LGD Gaming at 1/8 to take the series and 8/15 to go 2-0 — but more importantly, they’re not an inexperienced team. Unlike Vici Gamingthe similarly talent-laden LGD Gaming roster are full of players who have played on the biggest stage of them all and excelled.

Even when playing with newcomers, Xu ‘fy’ Linsen and Yao ‘357’ Yi, LGD Gaming are just too good to lose a series or even a game to Infamous. Lest we forget, 357 has been LGD Gaming’s coach for quite some time already. Plus, fy is a proven talent who was one of the biggest reasons his former squad, Vici Gaming, remained as competitive for as long as they did.

If you’re really willing to risk, notable bets include Infamous at 11/8 odds to take at least a game off while the series has 6/4 odds to go all the way to a Game 3.

Betting: LGD Gaming to win 2-0 at 8/15 (bet365)

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Team Secret vs Immortals

PGL Open

Image via Team Secret

Make no mistake about Team SecretThey may have looked vulnerable against Team Liquid, but so does just about every other team. And while losing a series to Natus Vincere raises a few questions, the CIS squad aren’t exactly pushovers to consider the loss an upset.

Up against Immortals in Day 1 of PGL Open, Team Secret won’t have much problems dealing with the Korean’s penchant for going full davai; Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov and the many teams he has lead aren’t exactly known for their passive style of gameplay either.

At 4/11 odds to take the series, Team Secret are the clear favourites compared to Immortals at 2/1. However, things aren’t always that easy with Immortals; the former MVP.Phoenix squad had a reputation for playing much better in LANs than in online qualifiers.

Seeing that Immortals just managed to make it out of the smorgasbord of contenders in North America to qualify for the PGL Open and Dota PIT Minors, that’s a scary proposition.

Consider this a risk, but given their history in LANs, Immortals aren’t the underdogs that the betting odds say they are and therefore, are well worth betting on.

Betting: A toss between Immortals going 2-0 and 2-1 at 11/2 and 4/1 respectively (bet365).

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Special Bets for the PGL Open Minor

PGL Open

If you’re looking for non-series bets to place your money on, keep your eyes on the “Region of Winner” and “Winner’s Group”.

Europe at 4/1 with Team Secret and Southeast Asia at 6/1 with Mineski are two bets worth considering given how well both teams performed at the Starladder Minor. Do note that the latter has more at stake here knowing this is their last chance to rack up some points since they won’t play until the Perfect World Masters in mid-November after their most recent announcement.

PGL Open

On the other hand, Group A is the more logical bet at 6/5 compared to Group B at 8/13. Not only is the payout better, but between Team Secret, LGD Gaming, and Immortals, the teams of Group A just has a much better chance of taking home the PGL Open title.

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Who Will Top Group A of the PGL Open?

Because of the GSL format, there will be a matchup later in the day between both winning teams to decide which one will move on to the playoffs.

We’ll try our best to update the odds before then.

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